Monday, December 28, 2009

Let It Snow!

This gentleman greeted me in the yarn when I got home from work on Wednesday last week. It was a perfect snowman day last Wednesday... Unfortunately it has stayed warm so Mr. Snowman has deteriorated, but the picture commemorates his brief existence nicely.
Next post marks 300 for me. Perhaps I should do something special?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Have You Ever Got a Whale in the Mail?

I know that that sounds both unlikely and rather like a possible title for a Dr. Seuss book, but that is exactly what I got in the mail on Monday! Not an Orca like Shamu or a White Sperm Whale like Moby Dick, but a way cute little purple whale swimming in a sea of flowers. He is the sweetest little bag - perfect for knitting notions - from Piddleloop. I won him in Chan's Blessings contest.
(I borrowed the photo from the Piddleloop blog. I hope they don't mind. Their Etsy shop is here...)

Chan is always a good read. Her fur girls are adorable but what I enjoy most is that her life is very real. Perhaps I just have issues, but some overachieving bloggers make me feel (clearly not intentional - like I said, my issues) inadequate. Don't get me wrong - Chan's life is busy - but it is balanced... I like that.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday Post Mortem

The shopper in the mall at 4am,
The shopper in the mall at 4 am,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The shopper in the mall at 4 am.

The shopper takes a cart,
The shopper takes a cart,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The shopper takes a cart.
The cart holds a turqouise hooded sweatshirt,
The cart holds a turqouise hooded sweatshirt,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The cart holds a turqouise hooded sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt needs 2 Gap t-shirts,
The sweatshirt needs 2 Gap t-shirts,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The sweatshirt needs 2 Gap t-shirts.

The t-shirts needs jeans,
The t-shirts needs jeans,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The t-shirts needs jeans.

The jeans need new shoes (and boots!),
The jeans need new shoes (and boots!),
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The jeans need new shoes (and boots!).

The shoes (and boots) need a purse,
The shoes (and boots) need a purse,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The shoes (and boots) need a purse.

The purse needs a downfilled jacket,
The purse needs a downfilled jacket,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The purse needs a downfilled jacket.

The wallet stands empty,
The wallet stands empty,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The wallet stands empty.
And I did some Christmas shopping, too! A good time was had even though no fibre was purchased. Big, big, big fun!!!
(I am working on my laptop in a hotel room and am having trouble adding product links. I'll come back - okay? And maybe some formatting issues, too!)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday Here I Come!

The shopper in the mall,
The shopper in the mall
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The shopper in the mall.
The shopper takes a cart,
The shopper takes a cart,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The shopper takes a cart.
The cart holds a sweater,
The cart holds a sweater,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The cart holds a sweater.
The sweater needs a shirt,
The sweater needs a shirt,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The sweater needs a shirt.
The shirt needs a skirt,
The shirt needs a skirt,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The shirt needs a skirt.
The skirt needs new shoes,
The skirt needs new shoes,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The skirt needs new shoes.
The shoes need a purse,
The shoes need a purse,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The shoes need a purse.
The purse needs a coat,
The purse needs a coat,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The purse needs a coat.
The wallet stands empty,
The wallet stands empty,
Hi, ho the derry-o,
The wallet stands empty.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

After my Saturday post, I had the very best of intentions of taking some photos and posting them yesterday. However, my gorgeous sunny Saturday had turned into a very wet and rainy Sunday. Outdoor photos were definitely not in the mix and that was what I had had in mind...
It was an excellent day for both knitting and reading! I finished the Flutter Scarf and it is now happily blocking and I knit a swatch for a couple of felted cat beds that I plan on making as Christmas presents for my brother-in-law and his wife. I can hear some of you thinking "Why on earth would she swatch something like that?" Reading the pattern it didn't make sense. Fortunately, knitting it did.
On the reading front, I started the third Chicks With Sticks book, Knitwise. Yes, I've taken to reading "young adult" books. Not all the time, but sometimes... I've also just finished New Moon. While it isn't great literature, it was an enjoyable and distracting read. I'm not sure what it says about me that I keep expecting the vampires to pull out their knitting and work a few rows. (No - I'm not making that up. I kept wondering what they were knitting... Perhaps I require professional help?)
My current reading material may be a backlash kind of reaction to a recent encounter I had at the local Quizno's at lunch one day recently. I usually get take out if I'm buying lunch, but on that particular day, one of our techies was working on my computer so I figured I might as well take my book and eat "out". Being easily bored, I started to read my book while I waited for my order. What was I reading? Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. (The book is much better than the movie.)
The "dude" behind the counter looks at it and asks me "You're reading Trainspotting???!!!"
Thinking it was pretty obvious, my reply was "Yes..."
He made some other comments but the gist of them was he thought that it was really COOL that I was reading Trainspotting.
Then it was my turn to ask a question: "You mean that do didn't expect someone that looks like me to be reading a book like this?"
His reply? A rather embarrassed "Um - yeah...!!!"
I'm still not sure whether I should be insulted or not.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Normal Service

Attention all blog readers who may have survived my unexplained absence, we will now attempt to resume normal service...
I could try and claim that I had been abducted by aliens or was just recovering from H1N1, but the reality is that nothing in my life seems to be either simple or normal these days. Why? Who the heck knows!
Part of it may be that I'm feeling more than a little disgruntled with humankind in general in most aspects of my life. Ever since I started blogging, I have always posted a Remembrance Day post because I truly think that it is important to acknowledge the sacrifices that have been made, and are being made, to protect our way of life. This year I didn't. I couldn't imagine what was going through the minds of the people who did this the weekend before Remembrance Day. And then to read about thieves stealing poppy money? Too much!
And while I haven't really had H1N1, it hasn't been far from anyone's mind recently it seems. Here in New Brunswick, children under 18 have been identified as a priority group, so both of my boys have had their shots. Younger Son may have to get a second shot, since he is only 9, but at least we've started the process. Do I mind waiting in line to get my kids vaccinated? No. Do I mind waiting to get my shot? No. I am quite certain that there are others far more in need of the vaccine than a 45 year old woman who is in good health. Do I mind people lying so that they can get theirs'? Yes!!! Especially when it means that people who are either more susceptible to infection or more likely to be required to attend to people who are ill don't get their shot.
When I look at this overall, it makes we wonder about the state of our society in general. More and more we seem to be living in a world where individuals seem incapable of feeling and demonstrating compassion, empathy and basic morality. It makes me cranky! And I'm pretty sure that you don't all want to read cranky blog posts all the time. Sometimes - sure - but not all the time.
What's that? Knitting? Yes! I have been knitting. The problem is that I haven't been taking photos... I currently have a February Lady Sweater, a Flutter Scarf and some basic socks actively on the needles. I also have a pile of "to be photographed and blogged about items", too. Maybe I should go and plug in the camera batteries to recharge...
To anyone still out there, thanks for sticking around. I hope that you're all enjoying a lovely weekend!

Monday, October 19, 2009

National Pizza Month

Some ideas are so good they should just be adopted by all, don't you think? National Pizza Month would have to be one of those. But then my kids would tell you that EVERY month should be International Pizza Month! How did I find out it was National Pizza Month? Have a look here and then you probably want to have a look at this too to really get the skinny on Chan's Big Blessed Bash.
I try very hard not to spoil my boys with material things, but they do get lots of spoiling with love, handknit socks and the like and homemade food. My children have never ever celebrated a birthday with a store bought cake. They will eat store bought cake out of politeness, but they really don't like it... Pizza is in the same category. They will eat takeout pizza or made from a box pizza, but they really much prefer true homemade pizza. I always make homemade pizza for their birthday parties. Considering that Older Son will be 14 on his next birthday, feeding his friends requires a LOT of pizza!
The pizza crust recipe that follows is from Italian Gourmet Cooking by the late Chef Pasquale Carpino. I believe that the book is long out of print, but hopefully having properly given the source of and credit for the recipe, I haven't violated anyone's intellectual property. If you find the book used, you might want to pick it up. I love his recipes!

Pizza -
1 packet dry yeast (this is equal to 1 Tbsp. is you buy your yeast by the jar)
2 cups warm water
4 cups flour
2 eggs
2 Tbsp. sugar
4 Tbsp. oil (I prefer to use olive oil)
1 tsp. salt

Put the yeast in the warm water. Stir until dissolved. Let sit for a few minutes. (I let it sit for about 10 minutes.) Add the eggs, sugar, salt and oil. Whisk until the mixture foams. Add the first 3 cups of flour and stir until all of the liquid has been absorbed. Work in the remaining flour bit by bit with your hands. (Having made this recipe in many different locations, I will say that the amount of flour will vary depending on atmospheric conditions. I have on occasion had to add as much as 6 cups.) Knead the dough until it is smooth and soft, like bread dough. Divide the dough into 4 sections and shape each into a round "patty". Place on a flour surface, cover with a towel and allow to rise for approx. 40 to 60 minutes. Each section makes on approx. 12 - 15 inch pizza.
To make your pizza, place your rolled dough on an oiled pan. Fill your crust with your favourite ingredients. You can bake all four pizzas at once, or - here is the real beauty of this recipe - you can freeze the rest of the dough and use it later! Bake your pizza for 20 minutes at 450 degrees F.

As part of Older Son's "domestication" training, he is able to make this on his own. I plan on turning both of my sons in to reasonable husband material before they leave home...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cookie Monster

This Cookie Monster? I love... This Cookie Monster? Not so much...
The sock pictured above is Cookie A's Poppy Sock pattern. I love Cookie A's patterns! But there is something seriously and monstrously wrong with that heel... If my heel actually filled out that sock heel, I seriously doubt that I would ever be able to find shoes to fit! I'm not prepared to say that it is a problem with the pattern. It could easily be operator error - although it looks like a few others are having the same issue after a perusal of Ravelry projects.
I had considered trying to rework the pattern into a top down pattern, but I just couldn't get my head around how to manipulate the stitches to get the same sort of effect. In the end, I decided that I would try putting in a different heel.
Since I was away on business last week, sock number two and I had a very pleasant dinner together. Knitting, a glass of wine and a nice quiet meal - what a lovely treat! (Apologies for the poor photo quality - but you get the idea, right?)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Two Thumbs Up...

Here are the photos of the aforementioned socks...

What is the rating? Older Son says "Two thumbs UP!"

His brother seems to be less opinionated... Strange that!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still Oscar...

Wow! I can't believe that I haven't posted for almost 3 weeks. Maybe it is because I'm still feeling kind of cranky and I don't want my blog to be a continuous stream of rants?
So I had the best of intentions of posting photos of FOs tonight. Finished objects that it, not pics of me telling people to FO consistent with the cranky theme... Although I try to tell them to PFO since you should always mind your manners and say "Please".
Both sons have new socks for back to school. Older Son has a pair of 2 by 2 garter rib socks in a variegated green colourway called Ivy Trail Poems Sock Yarn and Younger Son has a pair of 3 by 1 rib socks in Red Heart Heart and Sole in a colourway called Congo. I rounded up the socks. I rounded up the kids. I took photos. The camera batteries then died... The batteries are in the charger. Photos soon I hope!
Perhaps the fact that the last few months have been exactly like this all the time explains the crankiness in part...???

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Call Me Oscar

I think that I had better start by admitting that today has been a cranky old lady kind of day. I was off on vacation Friday and this past Monday, and then again yesterday because I REALLY was not feeling well. So today I arrive in my office only to discover that while they had changed my work station to a left handed station, as I had requested, they hadn't plugged my phone back in... Where were all the jacks? Yup - behind the furniture. Why wasn't the phone plugged in? Well the jack behind the desk is just a data jack and they weren't sure what I would want to do. Pardon??? I may not always want my phone, but I do need it. The phone guy and the furniture guy will be in tomorrow to resolve this. I spent today having to get up to answer my phone.
I had also asked for an ambidextrous keyboard. I had stated very clearly that I did not want a "true" left keyboard as I can key with either hand and want for my keyboard to be usable by my co-workers, should the need arise. Yes, I do have a new keybaord. It is left handed. Hopefully my enhanced explanation of what I want and why I want it will result in a new keyboard soon. Sigh...
And then there are the issues around some of the summer employees. So what if I am old enough to be their parent? Maybe it is because I am old enough to be their parent that I'm struck by the desire to try to beat some common sense into them. You know, things like work is not the time when you should be texting, IMing, on your cell phone, playing computer solitaire or reading a book amongst countless other things that you shouldn't do. While we're at it, you shouldn't wear torn clothing even if you consider it to be a fashion statement, and while we're pleased that you no longer feel the need to be stick thin, we, your co-workers, do not now and never will feel the need to see your muffin top hanging over your inappropriately low cut pants. Similarly, strapless is not to be considered a truly acceptabe workplace option. You may get away with it with a sweater over top, but let's face it, it is club wear. Period.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knit Night

I'm going to Knit Night! Yes, I am very excited by this. I don't make it nearly as often as I wish that I did. Although I hope that that will all change next month. Why? Because if she knows what is good for her (read: dinner somewhere other than the dining hall with someone else paying), I'll have a Knit Night buddy. Yes, Princess Knitsalot is coming east to attend university. Whoo-hoo!!!
Her cousins are also excited by this, although for very different reasons. Younger Son loves that she doesn't talk down to him despite the fact that she is over 11 years older. And they both love that she enjoys playing games with them, has a quirky sense of humour and can talk knowledgeably about cool things like zombies...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mr. Foster Says...

Whoa, ba-bee! She is one smoking HOT simian!

Mr. Foster, who now has eyes, but no tail, ears, mouth or nostrils, is gesturing frantically at me to finish him up! He somehow knows that I ordered myself a Carmen Banana kit this morning...
And since I was at Knitpicks anyways, and they're having a book sale until the 17th, I also ordered this and the yarn for this. And some needles. I needed it all, I'm sure. (Trust me, I have had a week and a half and deserved something. Yarn is healthier than many other addictions, right?)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Undercover at Underworld?

Much to Mr. Me's chagrin, I love all of the Law & Order series and Coronation Street. He is not big on crime shows, and even less of a fan of my favourite British "folk" opera. Last year I realized that Law & Order and Coronation Street had crossed paths in some odd way when it occurred to me that Ken Barlow had an American lovechild...
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Ronnie Brooks must have been working undercover at Underworld, passing himself off as Danny Baldwin! Ronnie Brooks (Law & Order - UK) is a very different character for Bradley Walsh and I think I like him even better as Ronnie than I did as Danny. Excellent watching for a little quality knitting time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reflections on Blogging

Here we are on the 26th of July. It has been 20 days since I last blogged. While I've never seen myself as a daily blogger, this is unusual for me, although I do think that it is a part of a trend in my blogging. Is this part of the natural cycle of blogging or is it something more related to me? I have noted recently that some of the bloggers that I have truly enjoyed reading over the past couple of years have either completely stopped blogging (some deleting their blogs entirely) or have decreased their blogging significantly. Truth be told, I still read others blogs almost daily, although I don't comment as much as I once did. And since I often read them through a reader feed, I'm not even sure if it registers that I do still follow them and read them.

When I look back to my first blogiversary blog post, I think that I still blog for the same reasons that I started to blog. So why do I blog less often? It isn't for lack of things to blog about, but perhaps I feel like what I blog about is more irrelevant now than I once thought? Perhaps it is that I have pretty well given up swapping? I don't know.

I know that it is not from lack of things to blog about. C'mon - Miss Me has an opinion about just about everything! I fully respect your right to have an opinion, but I also expect you to respect my right to have an opinion that differs and to express it. I do still wonder about things. For example: Have you ever looked at looked at the neighbours section of People in Ravelry? Have you ever wondered what the implications of this might be? For me personally, I think that perhaps I need to move... How hard could it be to learn to speak either Estonian or Finnish? And then immigrate and find a job...?

And way back on the 4th of July I turned 45! And I got yarn for my birthday... I haven't even taken photos of it yet, although truth be told, one of the skein is STILL damp from my initial slobbering. It is that pretty.

And we went on "vacation" to Cape Breton again. We went to Louisbourg and I bought fibre related stuff! And I went to Baadeck Yarns and spent a few dollars...

What is the point of all this? I'm missing blogging. I'm mourning the disappearance of some of the bloggers that I regularly read. If anyone out there is still reading - leave me a comment, okay? And if I have every read you with any regularity but might have been quiet recently, rest assured that I AM still reading you! Or better still, if you read me and I don't read you, leave me a comment - I'll come by for a visit!

Monday, July 6, 2009

If I Only Had a Brain...

I could while away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers
Consultin' with the rain.
And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain.
Although the Scarecrow did at least have a head even if it was full of straw! Way back in March, I was enticed to place a Knitpicks order with the lure of 40% off sock books... I also thought that I would treat myself to Mr. Foster, but he was sold out. Imagine my delight when I found him back in stock with a bigger wardrobe. (I bought the kit without his dressing gown and PJs, so I may have to buy the separate pattern, too.) He jumped right into my cart without any coaxing at all!
Over the past few weeks I have been working away at him whenever I have a few moments. Tonight he received his heart transplant, but he is still waiting on his head and face... Although the headless zombie monkey had fun "attacking" Older Son... "Mom - you're so weird! But I love you anyways."

Saturday, July 4, 2009

20 Years Until Retirement

As of today, I am officially 20 years from retiremet, unless of course something unforeseen and disasterous happens and I have to work past 65, or something unforeseen and disasterous happens and I don't make it that far... But let's not think about disasters today. Why? Because it is my birthday!
In reality, my birthday celebrations started at work yesterday. Lynn, Sarah and MJ brought me a little birthday treat with my mid-morning coffee. A yummy and fresh Tim Horton's Boston Cream Donut... It was SO GOOD! I think part of what made it so nice was that I didn't expect it, especially since there weren't many people in the office this week following the Wednesday holiday for Canada Day. Thanks again girls!
This morning I was taken out for breakfast by Mr. Me and the sons. We went to a local pancake breakfast in support of Camp Wegesegum, our local camp. I had worked the last pancake breakfast about a month ago, but declined working this one because it was on my birthday. The people working the breakfast had remembered this and brought my pancakes with birthday candles and even sang Happy Birthday to me!
I haven't opened any of my cards or gifts yet, but so far, this birthday is turning out to be great! Definitely much better than last year... I'll have to tell you about that sometime.
Oh - and speaking of birthdays, happy 233rd birthday to the United States and happy 40-something to Lisa! We're all a year older, better and hopefully wiser.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dear Thursday

Dear Thursday,
Why do you dislike me so much? I always thought that Monday was supposed to be the mean day, but so often Monday has been much kinder to me than you are.
Today you seem to be particularly irritated by me and true to form, you're making sure that I know about it. It started with that little bump in the driveway this morning... I am glad that the insurance on the corporate credit card is good, but the "Momobile" will likely be let bearing another mark of honour and service. My nerves are worn a little bit thinner, too.
And then there was that whole meeting debacle this morning... I would have been much happier if we had left the meeting last Friday as originally scheduled, but I didn't have the final say. I suppose that I should thank you for not making it a total washout but it didn't help my stress levels at all!
Since they always say that things come in threes, I must admit that I am feeling quite anxious right about now. Whatever I did - I am SORRY. Okay?
Please just let me have a quiet evening and I promise to work on our relationship harder.
Yours truly,
Miss Me

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things That Irritate Me

I will admit that I'm probably feeling a little crankier than usual. Mr. Me has been very busy recently and it is having a negative impact on my social knitting. I DID NOT get to go to Yarns on York on Saturday to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and good company and KIP. He had told me that he didn't have to be at his engagement until noon. He left at 9am and re-appeared approximately 13 hours later. No knitting for me.
To make things worse, tomorrow evening is my monthly knit night. Am I going? No! Why? He is in Toronto attending business meetings. He had originally told me that he would be home before suppertime so that I could go, but in reality he doesn't even land until around 8pm. He did have the presence of mind not to tell me this until after he had landed in Toronto, thus short circuiting me having to explain to his boss that he wasn't attending the meetings because he had been garroted with a circular needle. I have no issues with having his own interests or a job, but couldn't he please schedule them around my knitting schedule?
In case you're thinking that it is just my husband that is irritating me, it isn't. What is with that Ford F-150 ad about hauling yarn? I've tried to find the ad online with no luck, but if you haven't seen it, suffice it to say that the tone towards hauling yarn in their truck is disparaging. I had initially figured that it was an misread of a focus group and would soon be pulled, but weeks later it is still on the air! For the sake of Ford, they had better hope that there isn't a strong correlation between contractors and spouses that knit. Just think of all the yarn you could buy with the ~ $25K (or more) that you would spend on a truck... Mmmm.... Heaven!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tommorow's WWKIP Day!

Tomorrow is WWKIP day! How exciting is that? And I'm pleased to say that there are indeed events going on in New Brunswick showing on the WWKIP site. Although thank you to everyone who let me know about things that I wasn't aware of. If I was in Moncton, I would definitely be going to this event, and of course, if I was in Halifax, I would be going to this one. Based on what they had in the way of prizes last year, I am quite certain that Leslie is not exaggerating the loveliness of the prizes that she and her partner have amassed. And check out their way cool knitting lobster logo. But, since Mr. Me has plans this weekend that (quite thankfully) don't include the kids and I, you may find me closer to home at this event. CanKNITian appeared baffled that I hadn't caught wind of it on Ravelry, but I have a confession to make: I don't spend nearly as much time in my groups as I do elsewhere. I'm usually much to busy Rav-stalking both friends and random others... Yes - I LOVE to oogle others' knitting. Does that make me a voyeur?
Here's hoping that the weather is good for outdoor knitting tomorrow. Maybe this year I'll remember my sunscreen.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

WWKIP Day 2009

I was really interested to see that WWKIP Day this year isn't really a day, but a weekend! Whoo-hoo!!! Very exciting.
Less exciting is the fact that there are no WWKIP Day events listed for New Brunswick. Considering all of the other things that are going on around here that weekend, I don't feel that I could adequately plan an event myself, but I do think that a day of public knitting will be in order. It may be in Fredericton and include a visit to my LYS, or it may just include knitting around my village and scaring the locals. (As if I could...!)
What do you have planned for WWKIP Day?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Have you ever had one of those completely and totally soul sucking days or weeks? Well, I'm there this week. Mr. Me is very busy this week, which is of course, the cosmic cue for absolutely anything and everything that can go wrong to do so. Nothing really major has happened, it is just one of those accumulation things. Top it off with the ever increasing list of things that my family doesn't like and I'm tempted to knit myself a nice wrap around sweater with extra long sleeves that tie in the back. Anyone got a good straight jacket pattern?
Younger Son does not like pasta, orange juice, peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter granola bars, Daily Planet, his brother or anything his brother does like unless it involves the XBox 360...
Older Son does not like any vegetables aside from potatoes and raw carrots, toast, fish, his brother or anything his borther does like unless it involes the XBox 360...
Tiger the Cat doesn't like me, or else he has a really bad way of showing he does. Bites that result in blood is not my idea of love.
Mr. Me doesn't like it when I park beside his car on the lawn so he can back out, or when I park behind his car to keep off the lawn, pineapple, peas, cherries, clutter and so many, many other things that I won't mention for fear of endangering his life.
Me? Right now I'm not liking the XBox 360 much... And I've never liked raw mushrooms, but as the cook, I figure that not having those around is my perogative. I also got completely and totally fedup with comment moderation on Blogger, so I've turned it off.
Oh - but I still LOVE my knitting and think that I should spend some good quality time with some yarn. Happy knitting everyone!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Know - Let's Form a COMMITTEE!!!

So it doesn't have quite the same ring a Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland saying "Let's put on a show!", but it does seem to be a refrain that I am hearing more and more. Particularly at work. On Monday I received an e-mail from my boss looking for volunteers to sit on our newly formed "Kitchen Committee". What is the purpose of this committee you ask - why to establish procedures, processes and rules to ensure that kitchen users keep the office suitably clean to satisfy the demands of the "Occupational Health and Safety Committee", of course. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a safe and clean workplace, but the last time I checked, we were all being given credit for being responsible adults. Unfortunately, that seems to be at odds with the behaviour of some of my coworkers who seem unable to discard their former lunches - now science experiments - from the fridges, wipe up a spill or put any form of utensil or crockery in a dishwasher. It makes me wonder what their houses look like.
While lamenting the slovenliness of my office this morning, I came across this article. At least we're not alone... I must admit that part of me hoped that in an odd twist of fate, that the people who had succumbed had been the once owners of the offending food. I wouldn't want innocent bystanders to have suffered. The person enterprising (and brave enough) to clean surely deserves some kind of medal for service above and beyond the call of duty!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hey - Where'd It Go?

That would be April that I'm talking about... One post from me in April - an all time low! I'll blame it on fiscal year end and being really busy at work and not wanting to look at a computer when I got home. That might also explain why I haven't been doing much blog reading either. I really hope that I haven't miss any big moments in anyone's lives... Once you add in the new computer, things get pretty busy... Oh - and let's not forget a sleepover birthday party with a gang of 9 (or almost) year old boys. Fun? Wow!!! (Actually, they are all good kids, so I have no complaints. Younger Son's friends go to sleep - unlike Older Son's friends...)
Amongst all of that I have been knitting. Although truth be told, some of these FOs go back to March...
First up - The Carribean Seascape Stole. I'd rotate the pics, but I can't figure out how with the new system.

Then we have the Pink Swallowtail. This was a surprisingly quick knit. It isn't really a shawl, more of a shawlette, but the finished object is exponentially more impressive than the effort required. And it is just one skein! I may have to consider making a few more of these for Christmas gifts.

To keep my toes warm, my Seaweed Socks. Why "seaweed"? The colourway is called "Kelp".

For the hands, a pair of Delicato Gloves. I love these! Our mornings are still quite chilly (I've had to scrape the frost off the car within the last week), so fingerless gloves are my current BFF.
For even chillier days, I have my Anemoi Mittens. I bought the pattern for these about 2 years ago. Why I didn't make them sooner, I will never know. I loved knitting them and can't wait to wear them. They aren't an easy knit, but well worth the effort.

I'll try to get a few more details about the projects up on Ravelry. Think that the time has come for the Flickr upgrade...
Happy knitting everyone!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rest in Peace Old Computer

For a while now our old home computer had been feeling "ill". Last Friday night it did the computer equivalent of gasping for breath and whispering in a weak and tragic voice "I just can't go on any longer..." Then it died. It was only 4 years old, but that is about a bazillion in computer years it would seem. The guy at the computer store on Saturday was impressed that it had lasted so long. (Please no comments about the brief mourning period. I know that I'm crass.)
I will miss the old computer. I miss its keyboard already. The new one is flatter and smaller... I miss my bookmarks. We didn't even have time to try and export them anywhere. However, between a "well" computer and the completion of Fiscal Year End 08-09, I hope that I will get to spend a little more time blogging. I've been missing it!
Oh - and for those of you who have asked about details on my pink hoodie, try this Ravelry link. I still can't figure out where I put the pattern book. Somewher safe, I'm sure.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goodbye March!

Dear March,
Thanks for coming and spending 31 days again with us this year. Sorry to say it, but this year it felt longer. You started off in that foul temper with snow and I had honestly thought that you would think better of leaving us with more snow, but you have a mind of your own, don't you?
Now the kids didn't mind getting off school at noon yesterday because of your tantrum, but enough already! I would have thought that you might have kept the charm up until the end so that we would look forward to seeing you again next year. And let's face it, you were very, very charming last week.
Remember how warm you were? Last Thursday evening I decided that I had better get my pink wool hoodie all stitched up so that I could wear it Friday. I was afraid that it might be too warm before I had a chance to wear it otherwise. Boy was I wrong! On the plus side, I really like the sweater and I'm glad that I got it done.
If you're lucky - and face it, most years you are - memories of your tantrums will fade over the next 11 months and I'll look forward to seeing you in 334 days.

Much love,

Miss Me
P.S. I'll post some FO details once I can find them... It is Paton's Classic Wool and a Paton's pattern, but that is about all that I can give you right about now.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Knitpicks sock books are on sale at 40% off! So what did I do? I got out my VISA card and headed straight over... I order Sock Innovation and Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings. Seeing those 2 titles together looks strange to even me, but Mr. Me does love his kilt. I thought that I would take the opportunity to order Mr. Foster while I was at it, but alas, he is SOLD OUT!!! (Note to self: Order the next edition quickly.) I consoled myself with some sock yarn instead. Truthfully, I feel a little guilty about the yarn, but considering that it is the first yarn that I have purchased this calendar year, I'm sure that I should be able to find some way to rationalize the purchase...
Like many impulse purchases, this was not without a hiccup. The last time I ordered from Knitpicks, it was Princess Knitsalot's birthday present. To save time and extra shipping costs, I had Knitpicks ship it directly to her. Yup - I forgot to double check the shipping address. I'm going to try and make sure that they send it to me once I get my order confirmation, but I have warned my niece and my sister that it may arrive on their doorstep. I've told them they can look (and even fondle and sniff) but then I'll transfer the money so that they can send it home to me...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can You Have Too Many?

Can you have too many pairs of handknit socks? I washed my "delicates" earlier this week. The "delicates" included 16 pairs of handknit socks. 13 of them were mine... 3 pairs were Older Son's socks. One of the pairs in my 13 were knit for me by someone else, but that means a full dozen were handknit socks, handknit for me, handknit by me. And let's be clear on something, I didn't have to wash socks. There were still quite a few pairs in my socks drawers.
This is making me wonder if perhaps I'm selfish with my knitting. Or maybe I'm just discerning about my socks? Yeah - we'll go with that...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Laws of Cultural Attraction

I have a question for the rest of you: is it just me? Often as I surf the patterns on Ravelry, I find myself attracted to patterns that I might be able to knit, but only if I was to learn the basic knitting terminology of languages that I do not currently know... I could work through a French pattern without issue... English is no problem - clearly! Spanish I could manage in a pinch... But what I TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY LOVE are patterns in Finnish and German. Do I require professional help? Or just advanced language training?

P.S. If you require proof of my obsession, I do not speak a word of German. I have just joined a German speaking group on Yahoo...!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Potholes

As anyone who lives in a Northern climate knows, Spring means potholes...! It is the result of the repeated freezing and thawing that our roads must endure. In many respects, it could be considered a rite of passage from the bitter cold, ice and snow of Winter to the heat, humidity and haze of Summer.
In the Fall 2003 edition of Knitters, there was a collection of sweaters that had "road names". I knit "Soft Shoulders". Over the years it has become one of most favourite sweaters. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that much like our seasonal roads, my sweater had developed a "pothole"...!

This clearly was not a "cold patch" kind of job. I had a bit of a time finding the right yarn in the stash for the mending, but since I can't positively identify the "patch" in the after photo, I must have done alright! Either that or it is another example of my less than excellent photographic skills.Like most knitters, I don't really enjoy darning, but I would have missed my beloved sweater too much if I didn't make the effort to fix it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Groundhog Days Socks

Back on Groundhog Day, I attended some mandatory work training. For me, mandatory work training often equals KNITTING TIME! I've had them done for a while, but here, 28 days after they were started are my Spring Forward (aka Groundhog Day) Socks. I think that the yarn is an OnLine yarn but I can't find the label right now... The colours of the yarn make me think of Spring flowers like crocus' (what the heck is the plural of "crocus"?) and tulips.
Here in New Brunswick, it is March Break this week but it really isn't looking like Spring outside! The Sons are off in Nova Scotia visiting with MIL. I had originally planned on driving back from taking them down today, but given our lousy weather forecast, I decided to come back yesterday. Since I already had the day booked off as vacation time, I decided to leave it that way. That meant that I got to finish off two knitting projects (currently blockin, photos later) and one sewing project (it's a hat, photos when someone else can take a picture). It also meant that I was home this afternoon and got to listen to The Point on CBC Radio One. One of the items tied in with my post of Friday. Should parents be held responsible for the crimes of their children? The case that raised this particular point involved a 12 year old who was convicted of murder. A very interesting topic indeed!

Friday, February 27, 2009

It Takes A Village to Raise a Child

I have no idea where the wisdom that it takes a village to raise a child originates, but I am beginning to think that some of our villages aren't holding up their end of the bargain. After the knitting fiasco of last Fall, I had pretty well made up my mind that I wouldn't do the enrichment clusters at the elementary school again. However, when Younger Son was given a project on Community Heroes as a Grade Three Social Studies project, I changed my mind. Why? He chose me as his Community Hero because of the time that I spend at the school with the enrichment clusters and other volunteering. I LOVE my kids! After that compliment, it was kind of hard to say "No" when I was asked again...
I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice and decided that maybe I'd do Sewing this time. We're making handsewn beanbag frogs and it is going much better, thank you very much! One of the kids even finished his frog today, so I'll have to have him do something different with our last session in two weeks. (Truth be told, I sewed on his frog eyes because he wanted to give the frog to his younger sister so I'll probably get him to sew the eyes onto a different frog. Sewing on buttons counts as a life skill so it is something he really should learn.)
One of the things about the sewing is that it is a smaller group, which does make it more manageable. There are supposed to be a total of 4 kids in the group, but I have never had more than 2 at a time. Of the 4, there is one girl and three boys. One of the boys had been in Younger Son's class for a couple of year, but they are no longer in the same grade.
Here is where the village comes in - I know that not everyone is going to agree with my life choices, nor my ideas about parenting and childrearing, but I just don't know what to do with this child! He is very capable of completing the project, but has clearly never had to try to do anything or find his own solutions. I could live with that, but what do you do when you have an 8 year old telling you that all he does at home is play video games because his Mom says that that is his "thing"? Or when he tells you that his favourite television shows are Family Guy and Robot Chicken and that his Mom likes to watch Family Guy with him? Or when he tells you that his parents like to swear a lot? Or when his idea of a relationship follows these steps: meet, have a baby and then fight about who has to take care of the baby? Or that video games are educational because they teach him which words not to say in public? And Mario is his favourite Super Hero...
I'm quite certain that I don't get everything right with my life or my kids, but it strikes me that this poor kid doesn't stand much of a chance. I wish I knew what I could do to make things better for him, but I just don't have a clue.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Da Weather Bomb

Today in New Brunswick, this was our weather:

At least someone enjoyed it!
So - who wants to come for a visit???

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fifth Photo Meme

Angie tagged me with this meme the other day.

Here’s how it works:
Find your 5th photo file folder, then the 5th photo in that file folder.
Then pass the meme to 5 people.

I don't know whether I technically cheated or not... I went with the folder that was labelled as "005". Mr. Me tends to re-arrange photos and give them numbers that will put them ahead of what "the system" would automatically give to a download. I chose the 5th photo from "005". It was taken last Spring on the day that this was going on. It gives me hope that despite all the snow that is covering the ground these days, Spring WILL come!
Now I'm pretty sure that I've said this before, but I will say it again, I find it difficult to tag people... I think part of it is the implicit fear of rejection. So I don't know that I'm going to officially tag anyone, but I will tell you whose photography I really like and ask them to play along.
1. Nancy - I especially love her Saturday Skies photos.
2. KM - Always lovely photos, although her Friday Flowers make me very jealous this time of year.
3. Chan - Always great pictures and who wouldn't love her models?
4. canKNITian - Who I wish would come out of semi-retirement...
5. Cheryl - I love how she stages her sock photos, which is not an easy task.
Even if they don't want to play, drop by and visit them and check out their photography.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mama's Gotta Brand New Knitbag

Please tell me that at least one of you heard this music when you read the title...
Okay, so I didn't exactly need a new knitting bag, but I wanted one and last Tuesday at lunchtime, I needed to get away so I ran away with a co-worker and fellow knitter to Saigon. Well, not really Saigon, but the Saigon Department Store. They have a fabulous selection of hand embroidered bags that are made in Viet Nam. They are surprisingly inexpensive. My bag was $25! I like that it has a strap so that I can carry it over my shoulder and the fact that it has little brass feet so that if I have to put it down, it has something to rest on.
And the flowers make me thing of Spring...!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Next Floor - Socks - Going Up!!!

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't admit this in public, but I do remember elevators that had the sliding grate doors and an elevator operator that announced the floors. It was many years ago when I was a child at the Eaton's (RIP) in Hamilton, Ontario. They also had wooden escalators... I don't know what happened with the building when Eaton's went under but I certainly hope that they found a good use for it because for me, it was a landmark.
What the heck does that have to do with socks? Nothing. It's just how my mind works. Normally my socks are "going down" (top down), but recently I seem to have been "going up" (toe up) with my socks.

On my left foot we have Azure and on my right foot we have Chartres Chausettes (aka my Stained Glass Socks). They're both toe up patterns. Also both have interesting heel details, but as I had previously mentioned, taking pictures of the backs of one's own heels is challenging!

Details of the yarns and such are all on Ravelry, so I won't bore you with them here. I really enjoyed knitting both patterns and now need to find some new open backed shoes to show off the heels, and did you notice? I made a point of shaving my pasty white legs so I didn't look like a wookiee!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It Followed Me Home

One morning recently I received an e-mail from my LYS that she had some new yarn. "Excellent" I thought to myself. I can always use an excuse to get away from my desk and go for a bit of a walk at lunchtime... However, it was a busy day in the midst of a busy week so I started to waiver. Did I really have the time? One of my knitterly coworkers was going anyways. I was going to stay and work until I saw her with her coat on. Then I HAD TO go! I didn't buy anything but was I ever glad I went. A sample ball of Rowan Kidsilk Night followed me home! Ice Queen here I come.Thanks, Trish. Just one more reason I LOVE my LYS.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad Choices

In the dead of winter many of us have the desire to get away from it all... Despite my fears of contracting the Norwalk virus, right about now I would give just about anything to find myself boarding a cruise ship - except maybe this one. What were they thinking? The St. Lawrence River in January? Why not just go to Antartica in July?

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Knitted Brain

My kids like to watch Daily Planet on Discovery Channel. So - last night the boys and I were watching it together. At the very end of the show, right before the last commercial break, there was a reference made to science and knitting. That piqued my interest.
Check this out! Isn't it beautiful? I can't even imagine all of the effort that must have been put into this lovely piece of art. I don't think I'll bother putting that in my knitting queue... I know I'd never get around to knitting it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Self Portraits

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have always found it very difficult to take photos of my finished socks on my own feet. Firstly, there is the whole perspective thing. If you're not careful, you end up with that whole freaky Citizen Kane kind of thing happening with your calves and let's face it, no matter how secure you are with your bdoy image, you don't want your calves to look like they're the trunks of mighty oaks. Secondly, there's that whole forgetting to shave your legs thing, thinking that no one will be able tell in the stitch detail shots only to realize that you are WRONG as soon as you publish the post and look at the photos. I live in a colder climate. No one much sees my bare legs for many,many months each year - so yes, maybe I'm a little lazy about it. Thirdly, since I do not have acrobatic training, shots of any interesting sole or heel details can't realistically be shown on my own feet. I'm too old to learn how to contort myself that way.
Not knitting a whole of hats for myself, I didn't realize that relatively speaking, feet are a piece of cake! Taking a picture of your own head? That is almost impossible! However, I hereby present to you my Little Red Cap. Yes, it is quite abit slouchier than the original, but I like how it looks and it doesn't give me hat head!