Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things That Irritate Me

I will admit that I'm probably feeling a little crankier than usual. Mr. Me has been very busy recently and it is having a negative impact on my social knitting. I DID NOT get to go to Yarns on York on Saturday to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and good company and KIP. He had told me that he didn't have to be at his engagement until noon. He left at 9am and re-appeared approximately 13 hours later. No knitting for me.
To make things worse, tomorrow evening is my monthly knit night. Am I going? No! Why? He is in Toronto attending business meetings. He had originally told me that he would be home before suppertime so that I could go, but in reality he doesn't even land until around 8pm. He did have the presence of mind not to tell me this until after he had landed in Toronto, thus short circuiting me having to explain to his boss that he wasn't attending the meetings because he had been garroted with a circular needle. I have no issues with having his own interests or a job, but couldn't he please schedule them around my knitting schedule?
In case you're thinking that it is just my husband that is irritating me, it isn't. What is with that Ford F-150 ad about hauling yarn? I've tried to find the ad online with no luck, but if you haven't seen it, suffice it to say that the tone towards hauling yarn in their truck is disparaging. I had initially figured that it was an misread of a focus group and would soon be pulled, but weeks later it is still on the air! For the sake of Ford, they had better hope that there isn't a strong correlation between contractors and spouses that knit. Just think of all the yarn you could buy with the ~ $25K (or more) that you would spend on a truck... Mmmm.... Heaven!!!


Channon said...

I've only heard the ad, while the Knight was watching TV. As I recall, it's very brief, with just the line something like "unless you're just going to use it to haul yarn"...

km said...

I heard the add...but just dismissed it. It's the kind of joke my brother would make.

I've been missing my knitting time too. A friend whose oldest is going away to college in the fall reminds me often how soon it will be that I'll have tons of time. Until then...try to enjoy the fingerprints and the x-box. Maybe they need Wii knitting.