Monday, May 16, 2011

And Then The Wheels Came Off...

No - not literally, figuratively.  I'm pretty sure that part of what put me off course was the Easter Weekend.  We had company.  That shouldn't have been a big deal, but sometimes when you have your whole family demanding something of you all at the same time, well, it is just overwhelming. 
Having grown up in a Presbyterian household, we didn't bother too much with things like Lent, and the whole "fish on Fridays" thing was just an excuse to enjoy some good fish.  Or so I thought.  Mr. Me grew up Anglican, although his mother was raised Roman Catholic.  This may sound stupid, but for me that results in PRESSURE!  I have to give up something that I enjoy...  I have to follow special rules for meals...  This should not have been a big deal, but it was.
And then Younger Son turned 11...  First off, how the heck did that happen?  Add in a sleepover party with a gang of 10 and 11 year old boys, my mother-in-law, two homemade birthday cakes (one for the party and one for the real birthday), obnoxious and much too forward 10 and 11 year girls calling incessantly on the Sunday morning because they knew that the boys were here for a sleepover, helping my niece move, having to buy all of the Easter Bunny stuff and the birthday presents, and well, I am afraid that I may have temporarily lost my mind!
So - here is a question:  I know that I am not the only working Mom/wife out there.  Why am I so stressed?  Or are the rest of you just better at hiding it?  Help!  I need some coping tips.

In keeping with my previous theme of Peace and Happiness, I should add something positive shouldn't I?  I'm taking a drop spindle class on Sunday morning at Londonwul.  I can't wait!