Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Know - Let's Form a COMMITTEE!!!

So it doesn't have quite the same ring a Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland saying "Let's put on a show!", but it does seem to be a refrain that I am hearing more and more. Particularly at work. On Monday I received an e-mail from my boss looking for volunteers to sit on our newly formed "Kitchen Committee". What is the purpose of this committee you ask - why to establish procedures, processes and rules to ensure that kitchen users keep the office suitably clean to satisfy the demands of the "Occupational Health and Safety Committee", of course. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a safe and clean workplace, but the last time I checked, we were all being given credit for being responsible adults. Unfortunately, that seems to be at odds with the behaviour of some of my coworkers who seem unable to discard their former lunches - now science experiments - from the fridges, wipe up a spill or put any form of utensil or crockery in a dishwasher. It makes me wonder what their houses look like.
While lamenting the slovenliness of my office this morning, I came across this article. At least we're not alone... I must admit that part of me hoped that in an odd twist of fate, that the people who had succumbed had been the once owners of the offending food. I wouldn't want innocent bystanders to have suffered. The person enterprising (and brave enough) to clean surely deserves some kind of medal for service above and beyond the call of duty!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hey - Where'd It Go?

That would be April that I'm talking about... One post from me in April - an all time low! I'll blame it on fiscal year end and being really busy at work and not wanting to look at a computer when I got home. That might also explain why I haven't been doing much blog reading either. I really hope that I haven't miss any big moments in anyone's lives... Once you add in the new computer, things get pretty busy... Oh - and let's not forget a sleepover birthday party with a gang of 9 (or almost) year old boys. Fun? Wow!!! (Actually, they are all good kids, so I have no complaints. Younger Son's friends go to sleep - unlike Older Son's friends...)
Amongst all of that I have been knitting. Although truth be told, some of these FOs go back to March...
First up - The Carribean Seascape Stole. I'd rotate the pics, but I can't figure out how with the new system.

Then we have the Pink Swallowtail. This was a surprisingly quick knit. It isn't really a shawl, more of a shawlette, but the finished object is exponentially more impressive than the effort required. And it is just one skein! I may have to consider making a few more of these for Christmas gifts.

To keep my toes warm, my Seaweed Socks. Why "seaweed"? The colourway is called "Kelp".

For the hands, a pair of Delicato Gloves. I love these! Our mornings are still quite chilly (I've had to scrape the frost off the car within the last week), so fingerless gloves are my current BFF.
For even chillier days, I have my Anemoi Mittens. I bought the pattern for these about 2 years ago. Why I didn't make them sooner, I will never know. I loved knitting them and can't wait to wear them. They aren't an easy knit, but well worth the effort.

I'll try to get a few more details about the projects up on Ravelry. Think that the time has come for the Flickr upgrade...
Happy knitting everyone!