Monday, January 17, 2011

Is It Breeding?

I only asked for one thing for Christmas this year. I asked for a laptop. I had become very tired of having to fight off the boys (all three of them) for computer time. Mr. Me got me a lovely little pink Sony VAIO. I don't know the model, but it is a very cute little computer so I can take her anywhere - and I love her!
Over the Christmas holidays I decided that I would start to actually catalogue my stash on Ravelry. Even though we all know that sock yarn isn't really stash, I decided that I would start with it anyways... I don't have photos of all of the yarn - since I haven't upgraded to Flickr Pro yet - but spend some time patiently sorting and cataloguing one storage tote of sock yarn.
It was a very interesting experience! I'm not done yet, but have determined that I easily have enough sock yarn for 50 pairs... I could probably have entered the 52 Pair Plunge and new had to buy a skein of yarn. When did I buy it all? I don't even recognize some of it!!! If it wasn't a ludicrous idea, I would suspect some other knitter of storing their yarn in my stash... Some of it is that unfamiliar! Maybe the sock yarn is breeding?