Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Have you ever had one of those completely and totally soul sucking days or weeks? Well, I'm there this week. Mr. Me is very busy this week, which is of course, the cosmic cue for absolutely anything and everything that can go wrong to do so. Nothing really major has happened, it is just one of those accumulation things. Top it off with the ever increasing list of things that my family doesn't like and I'm tempted to knit myself a nice wrap around sweater with extra long sleeves that tie in the back. Anyone got a good straight jacket pattern?
Younger Son does not like pasta, orange juice, peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter granola bars, Daily Planet, his brother or anything his brother does like unless it involves the XBox 360...
Older Son does not like any vegetables aside from potatoes and raw carrots, toast, fish, his brother or anything his borther does like unless it involes the XBox 360...
Tiger the Cat doesn't like me, or else he has a really bad way of showing he does. Bites that result in blood is not my idea of love.
Mr. Me doesn't like it when I park beside his car on the lawn so he can back out, or when I park behind his car to keep off the lawn, pineapple, peas, cherries, clutter and so many, many other things that I won't mention for fear of endangering his life.
Me? Right now I'm not liking the XBox 360 much... And I've never liked raw mushrooms, but as the cook, I figure that not having those around is my perogative. I also got completely and totally fedup with comment moderation on Blogger, so I've turned it off.
Oh - but I still LOVE my knitting and think that I should spend some good quality time with some yarn. Happy knitting everyone!


km said...

That's pretty stinky. Sometimes it helps just to vent it all. So far, my boys still love each other. Except when they play Legos...then they are fighting over pieces.

scappyhappy said...

I am right there with you girlfriend! And I don't even have any kids or a husband at home anymore!'s life sometimes. Hang in there!