Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Have You Ever Got a Whale in the Mail?

I know that that sounds both unlikely and rather like a possible title for a Dr. Seuss book, but that is exactly what I got in the mail on Monday! Not an Orca like Shamu or a White Sperm Whale like Moby Dick, but a way cute little purple whale swimming in a sea of flowers. He is the sweetest little bag - perfect for knitting notions - from Piddleloop. I won him in Chan's Blessings contest.
(I borrowed the photo from the Piddleloop blog. I hope they don't mind. Their Etsy shop is here...)

Chan is always a good read. Her fur girls are adorable but what I enjoy most is that her life is very real. Perhaps I just have issues, but some overachieving bloggers make me feel (clearly not intentional - like I said, my issues) inadequate. Don't get me wrong - Chan's life is busy - but it is balanced... I like that.


Channon said...

SNOL! Thank you. I'm positive the Piddleloop girls won't mind that you borrowed their photo. I know, because Jen sent me some of their stock photos for my contest.

I don't know that my life is so balanced, but I'm trying.

Anonymous said...

don't mind at all! i'm glad you like Mr. Whale! Just make sure you don't forget to feed him!
Enjoy him!

km said...

Such a fun post. I needed the smile today. You were right about the special purple yarn. I still owe you something...and it will come. My life just must be as balanced as yours.

Knittynutter. said...

Cute Purse,
wishing you and yours a very happy festive season and a great 2010