Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vacation Recap

So you all know from the “Sockrifice” post that we spent some time at MacLeod’s Beach, 2 nights to be exact. It is a very nice campground and I would suggest that it is a good spot for my fellow tenters. We also spent one night in Charlottetown, PEI, hanging out with some “mucky-mucks”… Only thing more fun would have been this pair in their respective kilts!
And then a couple of nights in Baddeck, Nova Scotia at the Bras d’or Campground - loads of fun! The Alexander Graham Bell Museum is decidedly worth the effort although I’m not quite so convinced about Giant MacAskill. Then one night in North Sydney after a day at LouisbourgLouisbourg is amazing! We saw the usual historic exhibits, but the highlight had to be the archaeological dig that was in progress. Very, very impressive, supplemented by friendly and knowledgeable staff at the dig site.

And we got "mooned" by some ducks and picked up a couple of French marines!

Around the Cabot Trail,

MacLeod’s Beach, a night in Halifax with the Yarn Harlot for Miss Me,
a day in Mahone Bay and Chester and then home! All in all a good vacation, even though it wasn’t particularly restful. Now there is clearly more to it than that (like the stash I bought in Mahone Bay), but some of that may follow later!

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Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Awesome! Sounds like a really nice time, thank you for sharing! Hey--the tent DID come home with you, right?? ;-)