Friday, August 10, 2007

Mail Call!

I just love getting mail! So long as it isn't bills, that is. One of the nice things about getting back from vacation was all the mail waiting for me. We arrived home Wednesday evening - 8ish. After unpacking the car, getting milk for Thursday morning's coffee was a must and that just happened to mean that I had to pass our community mail box. (I hate the community mail box, but I'll save that for a mid-winter rant when the door is frozen shut - okay?)
On Wednesday there was my prize from Megan's blog contest and an order from Knitpicks. My prize was a copy of The Gift Knitter, a very cute book with knitted designs for both 2 and 4 legged babies! Now many of my friends have already finished their families, or will never have children for a variety of reasons, but Mr. Me's cousin's wife (still with me?) is pregnant! What could be better?!
And the Knitpicks package was books, too! Fitted Knits and Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee Casts Off.

So Wednesday was clearly book day... And then came Thursday.
Thursday's mail brought an order from Simply Sock Yarn - 2 balls of Cascade for a pair of gardening gloves for my Mom for Christmas, 1 ball of Opal Tiger for socks for the boys and 1 ball of Panda cotton to finish these. Yum! But - even better than the yarn was my swap package from my Virtual Vacation spoiler, Donyale from Australia!!! It is a great package and is decidely worthy of it's own post, so photos and details of my amazing package will follow shortly. I'm still taking it all in! Lucky, lucky, lucky me!


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

OOOoo! Looking forward to seeing your Austalia virtual vacation package. Lucky you indeed. The hostesses did very good in pairing, I think, because if my upstream is from where I've been getting hints from, yay me! And my downstream's never been where I live, so..good match.

jkleclerc said...

Fitted Knits is a great book. I'm working on my second sweater from that one and really enjoying it. After tuesday, I think we can all agree that anything by Stephanie Pearl McPhee is going to be good.

Knitting Mama said...

Hi, I'm your SP11 hostess! Fitted Knits is a great book! I carry almost all the yarns for the projects in that book in my online web store that I just opened! Come check it out at - All Cascade yarns are 20% off until labor day weekend!

Have a good weekend! Robyn

Laurie said...

Hi- thanks for stopping by my blog! That book looks pretty neat-I'm not a huge dog-loving fan, but I am a huge baby loving fan! It's fun to make baby clothes- they go so quickly! And I agree the fitted knits book is great- what are you making first? (I'm up to the first sleeve of the shrug, it's going quickly)

km said...

So, you didn't have the Casts Off book for signing...what did you have Stephanie sign? I'd like to try a pair of socks...and now that I'm finished with my gift knitting crunch I'm ready. I think given that I never really need wool here, that Panda Cotton would be a good choice for me...and lots of great colors. Do you have any thoughts about the Panda? Other than buy more! =0)