Friday, August 24, 2007

Swap Updates

I’m with Leslie – this whole swapping thing is totally addictive! With that in mind, I’m trying to keep it under control just to make sure that I don’t make any commitments that I really can’t keep…
That said, my Sockapalooza 4 package arrived early last week! And isn’t it nice?

I love the socks! They are a very pretty colour (Regia Bamboo) and a very pretty pattern (Coupling from Knitty), but even better than that – they fit perfectly! If you read the commentary with the pattern, it is quite funny, which shows that both Krafty 1, my spoiler and Deb, the designer, have great senses of humour! And “bugs” for me – Lindt chocolate. And “bugs” for the boys – Pez. Both rate great big “Yum”s!
I think that I’ll frame the postcard because it is so pretty! Thanks again Krafty 1 - a great package. My poor downstream pal is still waiting for her package and I’m starting to feel a little anxious after that living dangerously decision… If you see these socks on your mail carrier, could you please tie them up with circular needles and call the cops for me?
In other swap news, I have heard from my upstream SP11 pal and contacted my downstream SP11 pal. Now my upstream pal asked me some really interesting, but tough questions. As an example: who is your favourite Star Trek captain? Completely and totally unrelated to knitting, but fun all the same! (James T. Kirk – helloooo…! Is there any other?!)
I countered with: who is your favourite Dr. Who? That would have been easier for me… (Tom Baker, of course!) I’ve started asking questions of my downstream pal, and I’m sure that we’re going to have fun getting to know one another.
I signed up for the Fall Felted Bag Exchange last week, too. I really enjoyed the Spring version, I’m sure at least partly because I had great pals, both upstream and downstream. But even beyond that, I’ve got to say that Anne and her pals run a great swap! The Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap has been equally enjoyable. Speaking of which, my downstream package has been posted. I’m tracking its progress… I really hope that my pal likes it.


Alison said...

Tom Baker of course! I met him once whenI was seven, and I still have the book that I got him to autography (a novelisation of Doctor Who and the Dinosaurs!). He asked my brother if he would like to try on his hat, and my brother was too shy!

Alison said...

I use lots or exclamation points! Don't I!

Miss Me said...

uhm... i went through and counted my "!"s and i've gotta say that so do i!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom Baker is the Doctor. Not only does he have a ginormous scarf (that I'll never, ever, consider knitting by hand-I learned about the garter/stockingette induced brain damage during the Harry Potter scarf incident)but he had the best companion ever. And K9!!

Christopher Eccleston however is significantly hotter.


Bobbi said...

The socks DO look great on you! I'm glad you like them.
BTW Picard and Baker here.

Alison said...

Okay, I'll go with the hotness thing. Tom Baker wasn't exactly hot as the doctor, so anonymous would be right! But he does have a very cool and distinctive voice, plus he once played a scurvy seadog in Blackadder, so I think that makes him cool too! Which companion would be the best ever?

I knit a pair of the fingerless mitts that Rose wore in the last episode of season 2, on the beach in Norway. Can't wait til it gets colder to wear them.