Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Meet “Stella”...
I picked her up at Have a Yarn when I was on vacation. She is from “Les laines oberlyn” (sorry - I can't find a website for them), 50% Baby Suri, 40% Extra-fine Merino and 10% Cashmere. Isn’t she pretty? “Stella” is going to become my new winter hat – I think – unless she tells me otherwise. I’m considering this.
And some “Fiddlesticks” lace weight “Zephyr Wool-Silk” in “Lilac” also jumped into my bag, followed by 4 balls of “Sisu” in 2 colours. Considering Deb’s comments about the “Sisu” (Splitsu?!), I’m feeling a little worried about it, but the colours were so pretty!
The whole gang. (Sorry about the picture quality and I didn't realize that the Sisu was clowning around and standing upside down...!)
There was also a pattern designed by Catherine Vardy, but that was part of my Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap package.
Other news on the yarn from includes the arrival of package number 2 from the Sweet Sheep Flavour of the Month Club. This month’s colour is “Fiery”!

And the pattern is for a very pretty pair of fingerless mitts, Delicato Mitts from Knitspot.
In project progress, well, there hasn't been much... The Sockapalooza 4 package still hasn't arrived.... Have you seen these socks?
And the socks that I started for Sock It To Me when I was on vacation turned out to rude and evil.... I'm suffocating them in a bag before I gather the strength to frog them. I'll post pics later - I don't have enough energy to share with the evil little things right now. And then the re-think pair, while they're much nicer, just weren't going to work from a measurement perspective... And we all know that it wouldn't be nice to receive a pair of socks that your spoiler knew wouldn't fit. I frogged the first one a lunch and cast back on on the commute home. Sigh...


Knitting Mama said...

Here is the website for the yarn :


I've knit with that yarn before in a grey for an Irish Hiking Scarf - it's delicious!

- Your SP11 Hostess, Robyn

Anonymous said...

Now that was some pretty sock porn! LOL love the colors :)SecretBagLady

Lisa said...

I LOVE the color of the first one and the pink too. I can;t wait to see what they become!

Sorry that the SITM socks are such a nightmare.....what will you switch to?

Miss Me said...

i'm sticking with the same yarn for the sitm socks and i've just gone up to a 2.5mm from a 2.25mm. it should be just enough... i'll try to get some pics up over the weekend.

Megan said...

Stella is gorgeous, can't wait to see how she turns out when she grows up. :-)

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

ooohhh, luscious yarn! will love to see them 'grow up' !