Friday, August 10, 2007

Post Heavy Day - Contest Over at Cass' Place

Congratulations to Cass on 222 posts. Check out her contest here - hard to choose the answers since we all have more than 2 favourites in all of the categories requested!

Oh and speaking of contests, there was absolutely, positively no way that I was every going to have time to find everything in the Virtual Vacation scavenger hunt, but if any of you are still looking:
I knit socks.
I don't really care if I travel to Hawaii - I'd rather go to other places in the United States.
I knit lace
I felt.
I have a cat.


Megan said...

Thanks for KVVS answers!!! I'm glad your prize will come in handy - Laurie posted a picture of her loot and it was sans congratulatory card, so I'm thinking those didn't make it into the packages for some reason (no clue where they are, perhaps at the bottom of a toy box somewhere?) but CONGRATS anyway.

Ariel said...

Loved the comment for the KVV Swap. Wish I'd thought to do the same for everyone. I didn't scavenge either.

jackie said...

how nice of you to give some kvvs answers! i also chose not to do the scavenger hunt but never thought of posting help! great job!