Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cookie Anyone?

Okay, so they’re not edible, but I would if I could… Not one, but two pairs of finished Cookie A. socks. Another pair of Monkeys in Fleece Artist Merino (from my stash – aren’t you proud of me?) and a pair of Hedera in Regia Bamboo.

I need to measure up the Hederas. They may end up being the backup pair of socks for Sockapalooza 4 if my pal doesn’t receive her package by the middle of next week. If I end up shipping a second pair, yes, this time they will be insured. I could have done it easily “in town”, but my rural post office insisted that I couldn’t unless I was prepared to pay significantly more than I had paid for the yarn!.
My apologies for the date stamps on the photos, but older son came back from a day camp sleepover with this burn on his face…
I know that I’m going to have a conversation with the woman in charge of the local youth centre, but I’m not sure how much further I’m going to take it. There were kids at the day camp from K – 12 and it was the result of one of the older kids melting plastic, burning his finger, him shaking his finger to get the melted plastic off and it landing on my kid. Am I impressed? Not particularly.


Lesley said...

Ugh, doesn't it just suck when stuff like that happens to your kids? My son was pretty much strangled at school, after he had gone to a duty teacher and told her that he was being whacked with a foam sword by the kid. The DT said, "Ok I'll keep an eye on him" and then turned her back. The child then jumped on mine and he came home at lunch with obvious strangle marks on his neck.
I took pics of it and escorted my boy back to school and then made what can only be called "a bit of a scene" (I had just had a baby, a bit horomonal) in the office, demanding that the staff who ignored my son's request for protection be disciplined. I was given soothing tones and reassurances that the child would be spoken to (too late, we know the child and had already had a convo with his mother...she had be appalled and punished him appropriately. He apologized and the boys are still buddies), but nothing was done about my concerns that Cam had been failed by the staff.
My feel-better moment? Learning that the current principal was moving on at the end of the year and that Cam's awesome principal from his primary year (at a different school) was coming to ours. Yay!
Oh...gorgeous socks by the way!

Janet said...

Why are Kindergarten and 12 graders in the same group anyway? That is way to much of an age difference.
What happened to the Salamander? If I had one in my house- I would freak! After wondering how it got up here in the first place!
Capt. Kirk was to much of a flirt, I really like Capt. Picard.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

The socks look great! I hope the original package makes it to your pal. I'm sorry that happened to your son. I hope the situation gets resolved!