Sunday, April 1, 2007

Why Aren't I Thinner?

So - last week when I was supposed to be grocery shopping, I went to my LYS and bought 3 skeins of Fleece Artist merino. They are 100g skeins, slightly lighter than the usual 112g that Fleece Artisit produces, but I'm pretty sure that there will be enough for a pair of socks from each. (I have always had a fair bit left over when I have used their yarns.)

Aren't they yummy? But I will have to admit that their nutritional value and edibility factor is pretty well non-existant.

And this is what was in my fridge when I got home... Fat free yogurt, 1% milk and a cat. Given my apparent diet, I really deserve to be much, much, much slimmer!

Does anyone have a good recipe for fresh cat? (No vicious comments, please - I am just joking. We all love Tiger far to much to ever harm him.)

In reality, I did get some groceries that day, but it was only the cost of the cat litter that pushed my groceries store expenditures ahead of my LYS expenditures.

And here we are at the first of April already! Happy April Fools' Day! April 1 also means the start of the Townsend Sock KAL for the Lilac socks. I have my yarn, my needles and my pattern. Now I just need to cast them on and get going! (I think I should have adjusted the colour of my photo... It's a tad off!)

Whaddaya mean I don't need another project? Don't be silly - you can never have too many UFOs!

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Crafty Canadian said...

Hmmm, "The Knitter's Diet". I smell a book deal! It will be then next Atkins. Simply transfer 50% of your grocery budget to your yarn diet!