Thursday, April 5, 2007

Je vais craquer!

La fin approche, mais, ce faite me cause beaucoup de pression. Donc, j’ai décidé de commencer ma fin de semaine longue aujourd’hui, sinon, je vais craquer.
Okay - enough of that! Even though I'm finding that the pressure of my upcoming French interview is starting to get to me, I have mixed feelings about returning to work. Yeah - I'm going to have to rejoin the *real* world, although working in government, I'm never really certain how real it really is... Don't get me wrong - I have a great job and I truly believe that what I do is worthwhile, but... Maybe I shouldn't go there...
Having had a rather off day yesterday and the fact that the weather forecast for today is sucky enough that school was cancelled for the kids was enough to convince me to start my long weekend today. (Twist my rubber arm... Okay - that's hard enough!) So, I have a 5 day weekend and the kids and I are all still in our jammies at 9am on a Thursday morning. Moments like this make me realize just how lucky I am!

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scappyhappy said...

Good luck with your review...I know you will do well!