Friday, April 6, 2007


As I cruised the internet yesterday (in my jammies!), I decided to actually read some of the articles in Knitty. I hate to admit it, but I usually check out the patterns thinking that I'll get back to reading the articles. It rarely happens. But yesterday I read the Mindful Knitting article from the most recent issue. In the context of the Easter season, it justed seemed to be perfect, but regardless of spiritual belief, I found that it really spoke to me.
I had taken yesterday off as an extra day to re-charge, rest and relax a bit. I've always found it interesting how sometimes a little coincidence will arrive that seems to say "Yup - you got it right today."

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Alison said...

I took yesterday off too, but mostly to run around like crazy and get ready for a 4th birthday party!

Opps, got to run, it's cake time right now...