Saturday, April 21, 2007

Accident Prone

Any of you who know me in real life will know that I tend to be just a wee bit accident prone... I blame it on the fact that I am left handed and am always having to compensate for the fact that I live in a backwards world.
For those of you who don't know me I'll give you a few examples: I fell down the front stairs last summer and broke my foot. Granted I had had a couple of glasses of wine, but I was far from drunk! I might have bounced better if I had had a few more...
In February, I fell all the way down my cellar stairs when going down to put wood into our furnace. I was home with younger son, who wasn't feeling well. Mr. Me was away on business. Older son was at school. I have confirmed that my littlest boy knows what to do if he finds Mom unconscious at the foot of the stairs.
I twisted my ankle getting my mail at the community mail box recently. It isn't lit, and during the winterish months, I arrive home after dark. I was afraid that I had really damaged it - again!
Jumping off the boat at the wharf usually results in "road rash". I always land on my feet, but then stumble.
I have been known to walk into lamp posts... And fire hydrants... I no longer use seam rippers for anything... It was just too dangerous for both the garments and my hands.
So - are you getting the picture?
But this is terrible from many perspectives! DO NOT OPEN if you are squeamish. I hope that her poor foot heals quickly (puncture wounds can be so nasty) and that her sock receives a decent burial...


Anastacia said...

Hi! My poor foot, sock, and needle all say hi -- and yes, I need extra special sock yarn! Tell my hubby!

Stephanie Cake said...

Argh! That pic on Anastacia's blog made me shudder - who ever said knitting wasn't a perilous undertaking? I think it should be classified as an extreme sport.

I'm a total kltuz too! Sadly I don't have left-handedness as an excuse.... I routinely fall off my shoes, trip over nothing or fall up- and down-stairs. I decided it's an unfortunate side effect of intelligence and creativity. :o)

scappyhappy said...

Steph should tell you she lives in a left handed world. My grandson and son-in-law are both lefthanded so she is the oddball!

Miss Me said...

Oh Steph - that's brilliant! Of course it is because of our creativity and intelligence. Falling off shoes? I am the Queen - might help if I didn't like high heels so much, too... Nah - couldn't have anything to do with that. ; )