Sunday, April 15, 2007

Monkey Socks

"I don't know, Mumphrey... I'm sure that I heard her saying that they were monkey socks, but they won't fit me."
"I don't understand it either, Mackey. I heard the same thing. What kind of a monkey could wear those?"
"I know! It's kind of scary to think about..."
"You don't think that they're made out of monkeys, do you???!!!"

"Where's Michael???!!!"

Meet Mackey and Mumphrey, and no I didn't turn Michael into a pair of socks! Believe it or not, "The Boys" are probably 30 years old. The Monkey socks are really made out of a nice Regia cotton yarn. It is quite different from the yarn that the pattern was designed with, but it just said Monkey to me... I think that they're quite pretty. Hopefully their new owner will think likewise. They are a surprise present for one of the other students in my French class, and oddly, she didn't even watch me knit them! I started them on Good Friday following the incident with the cat and the bamboo needles. I'm surprised at how quickly they knit up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie ! I sent your package yesterday .You'll receive it in a few days and I hope you'll be pleased with it ! Let me know when you get it.
Bye bye !
Your KTE treater .