Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Laws of Cultural Attraction

I have a question for the rest of you: is it just me? Often as I surf the patterns on Ravelry, I find myself attracted to patterns that I might be able to knit, but only if I was to learn the basic knitting terminology of languages that I do not currently know... I could work through a French pattern without issue... English is no problem - clearly! Spanish I could manage in a pinch... But what I TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY LOVE are patterns in Finnish and German. Do I require professional help? Or just advanced language training?

P.S. If you require proof of my obsession, I do not speak a word of German. I have just joined a German speaking group on Yahoo...!


Channon said...

That made me laugh. I have a friend who reads German fluently...

km said...

You crack me up. My kids are dying to learn another language so they can talk in code when they want to play spy games...I'm hoping they lean toward French. M & I each had 3 years of high school French. It couldn't be that hard to keep up with the kids.

I've had some crazy love for Finnish patterns too. And I drool over some of the blogs too.

inukshuk71 said...

I know exactly what you mean Katie (.:waving:.long time no write!). I often look at scandinavian patterns on Ravelry and drool. Drops has a great dictionary here: where you can see the equivalent knitting terms. In the links above the table, you will find more language options. If you really wanted to, I'm sure you could figure out the patterns you love the most. And if you need help with German, I might be able to help you out. Ich kann ein bischen Deutsch :)

Enjoy the warmer weather!


wildflower38 said...

NOt at all. There's shawl written in german that I love. I'm waiting for someone to translate it into english.

btw I nominated you for a Bobby on Rav

Megan said...

Perhaps all you need is a translator. :-)

Try babelfish - just google it.