Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goodbye March!

Dear March,
Thanks for coming and spending 31 days again with us this year. Sorry to say it, but this year it felt longer. You started off in that foul temper with snow and I had honestly thought that you would think better of leaving us with more snow, but you have a mind of your own, don't you?
Now the kids didn't mind getting off school at noon yesterday because of your tantrum, but enough already! I would have thought that you might have kept the charm up until the end so that we would look forward to seeing you again next year. And let's face it, you were very, very charming last week.
Remember how warm you were? Last Thursday evening I decided that I had better get my pink wool hoodie all stitched up so that I could wear it Friday. I was afraid that it might be too warm before I had a chance to wear it otherwise. Boy was I wrong! On the plus side, I really like the sweater and I'm glad that I got it done.
If you're lucky - and face it, most years you are - memories of your tantrums will fade over the next 11 months and I'll look forward to seeing you in 334 days.

Much love,

Miss Me
P.S. I'll post some FO details once I can find them... It is Paton's Classic Wool and a Paton's pattern, but that is about all that I can give you right about now.


Channon said...

Oooh, so pretty - the hoodie, that is - not the snow. I'm already wishing away the April showers here...

km said...

Is it a Paton's free pattern? I think I picked this one up on a tear sheet. You look great in that color pink.

I'll wish the snow melts for you, but I don't think it will listen.

Cycling Knitter said...

am loving your pink hoody....
am having sweater envy!!!

Cycling Knitter said...

when you get 5 mins would love details of the pattern, tempted to knit one!!
hope alls well with you and yours

Jane Doe Jenn said...

Love that sweater!! One day, I'll be skilled enough to make one...

Hope your April is looking beautiful for you. I keep telling my kids, "April showers bring May flowers" but we haven't really had any showers yet. We are supposed to get more snow here on Tuesday.

Hope you post the link for that gorgeous hoodie!

Dorothy said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous sweater and even the gorgeous snow! I hope you get to wear the sweaters LOTS!