Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Call Me Oscar

I think that I had better start by admitting that today has been a cranky old lady kind of day. I was off on vacation Friday and this past Monday, and then again yesterday because I REALLY was not feeling well. So today I arrive in my office only to discover that while they had changed my work station to a left handed station, as I had requested, they hadn't plugged my phone back in... Where were all the jacks? Yup - behind the furniture. Why wasn't the phone plugged in? Well the jack behind the desk is just a data jack and they weren't sure what I would want to do. Pardon??? I may not always want my phone, but I do need it. The phone guy and the furniture guy will be in tomorrow to resolve this. I spent today having to get up to answer my phone.
I had also asked for an ambidextrous keyboard. I had stated very clearly that I did not want a "true" left keyboard as I can key with either hand and want for my keyboard to be usable by my co-workers, should the need arise. Yes, I do have a new keybaord. It is left handed. Hopefully my enhanced explanation of what I want and why I want it will result in a new keyboard soon. Sigh...
And then there are the issues around some of the summer employees. So what if I am old enough to be their parent? Maybe it is because I am old enough to be their parent that I'm struck by the desire to try to beat some common sense into them. You know, things like work is not the time when you should be texting, IMing, on your cell phone, playing computer solitaire or reading a book amongst countless other things that you shouldn't do. While we're at it, you shouldn't wear torn clothing even if you consider it to be a fashion statement, and while we're pleased that you no longer feel the need to be stick thin, we, your co-workers, do not now and never will feel the need to see your muffin top hanging over your inappropriately low cut pants. Similarly, strapless is not to be considered a truly acceptabe workplace option. You may get away with it with a sweater over top, but let's face it, it is club wear. Period.


Channon said...

Embrace that "crankiness." I don't think you're being unreasonable at all.

(But what do I know? The teenyboppers at the firehouse are afraid of me...)

km said...

I could ditto all're comments are right on. I guess we should wonder just where were the parents of this generation. My mom and dad taught me all the levels of appropriateness. I wouldn't have been let out of the house in a strapless/halter for school or work.

scappyhappy said...

Can you ditto,ditto a comment? I work in our nations (US) capital and I am appalled by what I see. I would like to say just young adult, but guess what folks, it is the older generation too. Guess they ar trying to be hip with the kids. I am amazed at the flip flop wearers, the low cut blouses, skirts up to the no wear line and wait for it...yes....see through blouses that left nothing to the imagination. But then you will see the common sense adaptable to all kinds of weather types like myself, that can't wait to get home, peel off the panty hose or knee highs and get in my comfy grungies. Aaaaa...for the good old days of common sense. Will it ever be the same? This type of behavior crosses all cultures and countries...hmmm...fad of stupidity...who knows.

sharon said...

wardrobe issues agreed upon.
to me people should not have any personal technology going (perhaps some music in ears) but all this texting and iming DRIVE ME BATTY!!!
you can becranky all you want -my keyboard at home is possessed

Dorothy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think I do want the scarf to be about the height of the recipient - it's just figuring out how much stretch the lace will have when it's blocked.

I'm amazed at what people view as acceptable. I dunno, I think my mother raised me better.