Monday, October 8, 2007

Thirteen Years

I'm not sure - this post may require a spray warning... Maybe you should stop drinking anything that you might have in your mug just to be safe.
Mr. Me and I have been married for thirteen years today. Do we have big plans to celebrate? Nope. Mr. Me is in Philadelphia today and tomorrow. I think that he will actually spend more time in airports and airplanes than he will in Philly. He’s going down to do a presentation at a conference… However, to commemorate the day and to give Kristen a smile I’m going to post some further wedding day photos as a follow up to this one. (Oh, and pop over to wish Kristen a happy anniversay tomorrow. Her anniversary is easy for me to remember...)
We had an absolutely fabulous day for a wedding, and like most weddings, there was the odd hitch, but all in all everything came off pretty well as expected. Now both Mr. Me and I have families that might be best described as complex. As a result of this complexity, many of our family members did not stay for long after dinner. While I was somewhat disappointed, we headed down to the Argyle Bar in downtown Halifax still in our wedding attire with some of our friends. A few shots of ouzo (compliments of the management) and life was good. And Mr. Me had the added thrill of some rather drunk young woman deciding that it was a good time to find out what men really wore under their kilts by sticking her hand under his! And as anyone who has gone out to the bars in Halifax would confirm, what’s a Saturday night in downtown Halifax without a stop at pizza corner? (The link is to the Wiki page for Halifax travel - scroll down, pizza corner is under "Budget".) This is one of my most favourite wedding pictures. Not because it is a great photo or anything, but because it never fails to make me smile. Mr. Me doesn't normally read my blog but I'm going to wish him a happy anniversary anyways!


Lisa said...


Thank you for sharing the pictures. You both looked so very young.

Celebrate when he gets back and enjoy the future that looms ahead!

km said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I was waiting for those photos after you mentioned it in th questionaire. I may just have to dig into our albums for some old photos. But my anniversary is only #8...and there were no kilts the photos probably won't be so funny.

Ariel said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hopefully you and Mr. You can be together next year. :-)

From what I can gather, it's Thanksgiving in Canada today? Happy Thanksgiving too!!!

inukshuk71 said...

It sure looked like a fun day! Happy anniversary. Hope you will make up for the missed celebration when your hubby gets back.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Happy Anniversary! What great memories.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, my hubby and I celebrated our 13th on October 8th! What a small world. I'm sending your package today via USPS. Enjoy! FFBE Pal