Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not Ready - Part 2

Okay, I'm really not ready! Older Son had a couple of his classmates over to work on a group project this afternoon. In some ways, I am pleased that he is comfortable enough at home that he does this. I would have always deferred to going to someone else's home to work on group projects, or have done them after school at school...
So - his two friends arrive at the agreed upon time. 2pm. Since the only spot that is really feasible to work at is the kitchen table, Older Son had everything set up there. As I worked away in the livingroom, 2 rooms away, I heard some of the conversation. No - I was not intentionally eavesdropping. 11 year old boys are LOUD!!! They might want to keep that in mind in the future. This is what I overheard:

Older Son - Jennifer watches everything I do these days.
Friend One - That's because she likes you.
Friend Two - No it's not - it's because she wants to have sex with you.

Pardon??? They're 11!!! I did not immediately go into the kitchen. I gave it a few minutes. As I entered the room, Friend Two (if it helps, visualize Eddie Haskell) says "We weren't saying anything" before I had uttered a word. I explained that our house is an old house and that noise travels... And that while I understood that they weren't too young to be thinking about sex, they were definitely much too young to be considering doing anything about it!

Give me strength!


sharon said...

OH man it starts young!
And my big gurl is just tellingme I'm not the boss and my rules are rude!
funny kids are.
The little one has learned 'Uhm' as the classic response to semi retorical questions.

scappyhappy said...

Okay hard as this is right now, you will emjoy it when they have their own kids! My daughter who is StephanieCake will tell you that I just smile when she tells me something her son has said. Now she just says....okay I get it ....I am getting my just rewards from when I was a kid. Yes ..there is justice..I am just glad I survived to see it!!!!
Big old smile and hug to those of you going through it now! You will survive! Trust me...this too shall pass!

inukshuk71 said...

ugh! I wouldn't have known how to respond to that, I was still playing with my Barbie dolls at 11. I think you did right letting them know they were too young to be thinking about this, but I doubt they would act on it, but then again, I don't have kids so I'm no reference.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

oh...OH! sorry, your description made me LOL. I wish you strength, my friend. 11? oh no.

Ariel said...

I read this the other day and felt for you. THEN, my 11 yr old came home from school yesterday and told me that two girls came up to him and told him that two other girls liked him. And Maria's been feeling his hair (it's long and soft) and Natalie keeps spraying him with perfume.

I DO NOT want to know what he knows about sex but gosh, he's only in 6th grade. Can't they like him.......... LATER!!!

Lisa said...

I'm lighting candles and saying prayers for you all. Munchkin and Trouble are in their 20's now. Much different drama now for us. I remember these ages all to well and yes, they are starting earlier. We can thank the TV programs and the music lyrics. They don't really know what they are talking about sometimes. They have heard something and try it out to see what happens. The best plan is to not be too emotional when you discus the stuff. Be matter of fact and straightforward. Don't tell them stories or made up stuff. They are wanting the truth and if you trust yourself, they will be more open and honest with you as the process unfolds.