Saturday, April 19, 2008


Back in the early days of Coronation Street, it would appear that based on his bio, Ken Barlow was a bit of a dog. It mentions flings with journalists and exotic dancers, but it appears to have forgotten some trans-Atlantic daliance because how else do we explain the fact that Ken Barlow is Mike Cutter's father?!
No? Not buying it? The reality, that Linus Roache (Mike) is the son of William Roache (Ken) isn't quite so juicy, but considering how much I love both Coronation Street and Law and Order, I do find it interesting.
As an aside, seeing Mr. Roache the younger, I now understand why Ken Barlow would have been considered "a catch". Quite dishy, isn't he?


wildflower38 said...

The son is very cute!

I have a few questions... What is a knitting time out bag? And where could I purchase one? lol My Adamas has been in one of those for most of March. Did you laugh when I naively wrote that I'd knit the shawl in a month?

Cycling Knitter said...

Cant believe you love coronation street, or 'corrie' as we call it here,
linus looks pretty cute!!