Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

After my Saturday post, I had the very best of intentions of taking some photos and posting them yesterday. However, my gorgeous sunny Saturday had turned into a very wet and rainy Sunday. Outdoor photos were definitely not in the mix and that was what I had had in mind...
It was an excellent day for both knitting and reading! I finished the Flutter Scarf and it is now happily blocking and I knit a swatch for a couple of felted cat beds that I plan on making as Christmas presents for my brother-in-law and his wife. I can hear some of you thinking "Why on earth would she swatch something like that?" Reading the pattern it didn't make sense. Fortunately, knitting it did.
On the reading front, I started the third Chicks With Sticks book, Knitwise. Yes, I've taken to reading "young adult" books. Not all the time, but sometimes... I've also just finished New Moon. While it isn't great literature, it was an enjoyable and distracting read. I'm not sure what it says about me that I keep expecting the vampires to pull out their knitting and work a few rows. (No - I'm not making that up. I kept wondering what they were knitting... Perhaps I require professional help?)
My current reading material may be a backlash kind of reaction to a recent encounter I had at the local Quizno's at lunch one day recently. I usually get take out if I'm buying lunch, but on that particular day, one of our techies was working on my computer so I figured I might as well take my book and eat "out". Being easily bored, I started to read my book while I waited for my order. What was I reading? Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. (The book is much better than the movie.)
The "dude" behind the counter looks at it and asks me "You're reading Trainspotting???!!!"
Thinking it was pretty obvious, my reply was "Yes..."
He made some other comments but the gist of them was he thought that it was really COOL that I was reading Trainspotting.
Then it was my turn to ask a question: "You mean that do didn't expect someone that looks like me to be reading a book like this?"
His reply? A rather embarrassed "Um - yeah...!!!"
I'm still not sure whether I should be insulted or not.


Channon said...

Snort - not to be confused with my trademark SNOL. I had the same encounter when I was reading The Gunslinger series. The clerk dude at my bookstore was polite enough to ask if I'd read the first of the series when it was originally released - many, MANY years prior - and I politely said no. He wasn't smart/polite enough to stop there. He basically noted that he didn't know anyone not of college aged and male reading the series.

I smiled my best smile and suggested that he could now tell his book club that the series appeals to women not in college too.

km said...

"Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover"...the most important lesson everyone needs to learn. I hope that this paradigm shift sticks for this young man. The world can only change one person at a time.

scappyhappy said...

I guess that is why I always put covers on the books I read....don't want comments and I certainly don't want to be insulted...LOL Right now I am reading a series of books by Sarha Graves. They are murder mysteries set in a little town in Maine...similar to the Stephanie Plum series which I love and have read all until a new one comes out!

scappyhappy said...

Oh...side thought...once I was ready a book and this well intentioned lady started talking about how wonderful the book was and was giving details....I kept telling her I just started ready the book....but she kept right on...I guess she didn't get the fact that she was revealing what the book was all about when I kept saying I just started it...STOP TELLING ME!!!!!! covers are the way to go!

Audrey said...

Here's an idea... you should knit yourself a book cover!!! ;-)