Friday, April 15, 2011

In Search of Peace and Happiness - Day 8

Yes, I am both a day late and a dollar short...  I have nothing for yesterday. 
My day started with a drive into the city for what I thought was a breakfast meeting happening yesterday.  I had missed it.  It was Wednesday.  Sigh...
That was followed by another hour and three quarters of driving back in the other direction.  I did have good company, since in an effort to be responsible with taxpayer dollars, we carpooled.  Unfortunately, my travelling companion has been having a rather tumultuous time these days, so it was a drive filled with laughter  like it would normally be.  I'm really hoping that everything settles down for her soon.
And then there was all the road kill...  Spring brings so many things out of the woods, and I don't know if they are still groggy from the cold, but too many creatures seem to end up dead on the side of the road at this time of year.
My day ended with the drive home, which was another hour and a quarter home.  I felt like I spent the whole day sitting down in a moving vehicle.  Blech...
I suppose that I should be happy that it stopped raining yesterday around midday and has stayed sunny every since.  I'll ignore that it is chilly.

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Channon said...

Hope today is a better day. Sometimes I feel all I do is "run the road" and it leaves me feeling quite unproductive.