Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Search of Peace and Happiness - Day 5

Anyone who is a Mom, knows that the laundry is never done.  Just when you think that it is, someone decides to actually check under their bed and discovers a massive pile of stinky laundry that they swore wasn't there yesterday.  How 5 days worth of clothing magically appears, I don't know.  I consider laundry a necessary evil - with one exception.  I enjoy ironing!  Weird?  Maybe...  And while ironing doesn't make me happy, it does bring a sense of peace and accomplishment.  You start off with the pile (or three) of rumpled things and end up with stacks and hangers of smooth things.  Part of the trick is that ironing time is my thinking time.  Given the age of our house, there is no true laundry room, or family room, and because of this, iron in my bedroom.  There is no television, so I listen to the radio.  I know that public radio isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I've got to say, I LURVE ME some CBC Radio One on a Sunday!  Interesting topics to challenge my mind - and my family leaves the house looking presentable to boot!
Now - since my  home manicure is dry, I think that perhaps it is time to knit, or maybe cross stitch.

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Channon said...

Huh. I don't know that anything that resembles housework brings me peace...