Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Search of Peace and Happiness - Day 1

This topic might well need a warning, so here goes: As I have been in the depths of the late winter or early spring doldrums, I have been finding myself seeing the cup as being half empty all of the time. What's worse, most of the time, it looks like someone else has consumed the missing half from my cup! I can tell by their smeared lip prints on my cup... In a little experiment with myself, I am going to try to find the bright side of things for the next 30 days, and post about the little things that DO make me happy in what seems to be an increasingly annoying world. So, here we go... Day 1 - Today I am happy for Fred-ezone wifi access at the public library. I can't get onto a wireless network from my office, so this has meant that I have had to leave my office to blog. Being at the library always makes me happy - although I seem to forget that when I'm not here - but the short walk in the sunshine to be able to come and blog has made me happy, too. What little - perhaps unexpected - thing has made you happy today? And yes, in true half empty fashion, you are allowed to find happiness in others' sometimes deserved misfortune - it's called karma... I'll take it wherever I can find it right now!

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Channon said...

Good for you - for being good to you. I'm a big proponent of "Fake it 'til you make it." By that I mean... I often have to pretend I have more peace and happiness than I feel, and eventually I find that gee... I'm not faking it today!