Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Search of Peace and Happiness - Day 15

Yes, I am late yet again...  But I went knitting yesterday evening, and didn't make it out at lunchtime to blog either.  I spent my lunchtime running errands.  My key errand yesterday was picking up outrageous quantities of cat litter...  The catboys will only use one kind, and it is both difficult to find and expensive, so for the sake of being able to use a discount coupon worth $20, I bought 90 pounds of cat litter.  Given that the roads weren't great yesterday evening for the ride home, I was grateful to have the extra weight in the back of the car since I have already taken off my winter tires.

Yesterday it really was the knitting that brought me happiness, although having dinner with my niece beforehand and bringing her home for approximately 1.5 weeks to stay with us makes me happy, too.  You can't choose your family, but I would have chosen my older sister and her family anyways.

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Channon said...

Sounds like a happy day. Saving money on pet supplies makes ME happy, not that it happens very often!