Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In Search of Peace and Happiness - Day 8

One of the interesting things about doing this 30 days of peace and happiness blogging is that I'm starting to make some connections about how I feel about things in relation to my environment.  Much like Monday and yesterday, today has been a kind of ho-hum day.  If I think about why, I'm suspicious that it may have something to do with our overcast April weather.  Perhaps I'm having to acknowledge that the sunshine, warmth and light makes me happy?  That could explain why I've been feeling pessimistic, I suppose.
The office that I work in normally doesn't really have any sort of lunch room.  Sure, we have a kitchenette with a microwave, a kettle, fridge and dishwasher, but it isn't really somewhere where you can really go and eat.  As a result, I often do the very unhealthy thing of eating at my desk.  When I blog at lunchtime, I leave the office to access WiFi. I only really "lunch out" a couple of times a month - at most.  Today I had lunch with a colleague who I don't normally lunch with.  We met to talk about knitting machines.  I have two (which I don't use) and she is thinking about getting one.  It was fun and interesting conversation.  We talked about other things, too, and at the end of it, I felt quite happy.  She is always someone whom I have liked and respected, but to have an out of the ordinary conversation with someone about a variety of things - some of which you had no idea you had in common - was a very fun and charming experience!  And to think that I would probably tell you that I don't like surprises!  Maybe I do?

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Channon said...

I am VERY weather-dependent for my moods. I don't know how my friend Gmarie in Seattle does it, because rainy days AND mondays really do get me down.

Surprises. I don't like 'em unless they are sincerely all goodness and goodies.