Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This and That...

So the kids have started another school year, and I'm right back into the grind. I'm sitting in a hotel room this evening and will be doing the same again tomorrow - but a different hotel room in a different city. I actually like travelling some, but not too much. It just seems to create too much turmoil. I'm not quite sure why, but I have to do more advance planning when I'm away. I think that Mr. Me could actually manage on his own but he makes it clear that he really doesn't want to... Since I planned on being away for two dinners, I had suggestions for at least 3 different dinner options. Tonight he barbecued hamburgers, which made the kids happy, but he was really quite pleased when he found out that the middle school is having a welcome open house and barbecue tomorrw evening. Three guesses where Mr. Me and the kids are going for dinner tomorrow evening... Yeah - got it in one - the school.
A few people have enquired about the fate of Salamander Me. I'm happy to report that he was re-released into the wilds of my front lawn. I fully expect that he is back in the cellar, but so long as he doesn't make his presence known, I'm fine with that. One of those asking was Janet. Even if I don't get a chance to respond to every comment, I do like to click through to find out who has been reading. Now Janet gave me a bit of a challenge! She had mentioned that if she were to find a salamander at her home, she would wonder how it had gotten there... She lives on the Kenai Penninsula, but that didn't really help me so I had to read a bit more to discover that the Kenai Penninsula is in Alaska! Yes - that would be very far north for a salamander. And Stephanie Cake was able to give me some very interesting information about salamanders courtesy of Mr. Cake who has worked as a naturalist. I think that the one fact that made me decide very strongly that Salamander Me was not destined to be part of our family long term was the fact that salamanders can live to be approximately 30 years old. Nope - too much of a commitment for me.
And the favourite Dr. Who and the favourtie Star Trek captain conversation is quite interesting. It seems like Tom Baker is the hands down favourite from a character perspective although he's lagging behind in the hotness poll... And it is pretty well a dead heat between Kirk and Picard. However, Alison posed an interesting question: who was the best Dr. Who companion? I have no strong feeling on this and I'm waiting to hear back from my sister because she will have an opinion on this.


Alison said...

Sarah Jane Smith. She's the only one that's come back in the new generation of the doctor (that episode with Giles from Buffy!). Well, I suppose K9 came back too, so maybe they're tied!

Lisa said...

As always, I love your posts. Who knew all those facts about salamanders. Kirk or Picard....hard choice. They both have their merits. I will have to think hard and follow along on the posts to see what everone says.