Friday, September 21, 2007

Is This Cheating?

I was tagged last week by Kristen. Much like Kristen, I actually find this somewhat exciting! Now I'm not ignoring the tagging, but I've already done the "7 Random Things" tag here, and tagged people, and most surprising - all but one of them did it and it might have been unfair tagging a French blogger since an English entry would have been rather out of place. (Yeah, bloggers!) I could come up with 8 more things about me, but I'm closing in on 100 posts and plan on doing "100 Things About Me" for that post and I'm having trouble coming up with the last few... (I'm trying not to repeat any of them.) So - once again - here are my original seven, and these are the people I tagged:

Crafty Canadian
Des aiguilles et du fil
Stephanie Cake

Wander over and have look at their blogs. I enjoy all of them very much! Oh - and the person who tagged me originally was Ms. Palmtree over at Days Go By!

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km said...

I just read your 7. That's too funny. I did read some back posts after my purse came in the mail...but I don't think I remembered that. I totally get the toe polish thing. And around here, "everyone" gets regular pedicures. I've not had time/money for one in I'm doing it myself. Still loving the Paint Your Toron'toes' Rose. I've gone between that and red and purple all summer. Speaking of...I need to paint my toes. Maybe tomorrow...