Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sometimes It's All About Me...

I've just realized that it is only 3 weeks until my birthday! Yippee!!! I love my birthday. I don't really understand people who find birthdays traumatic. July 4th - and even though those American fireworks aren't for me I can always pretend.
On another note, the Crafty Canadian is much faster than I am. We had a very nice lunch together last Friday during which I received my felted bag for the Spring Felted Bag Exchange. Click here to see a picture of it (since I haven't uploaded my photos yet). Isn't it pretty? The girls in the office love it, too!
My downstream bag is knit but yet to be felted. Although I did make it out yesterday at lunch to get it's grommets (my natural inclination is to type "Gromit" but a bag with "Gromits" would be completely different), a magnetic snap and some nailhead studs to serve as bag feet.

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scappyhappy said...

Oh how cute the bag is! I haven't seen a pattern for a round bag...but it looks like you can put a lot in there...knitting and all!