Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shiver Me Timbers (But Not Me Toes)

Part of the fun of having little boys is the fun of making little boy things. Like Pirate things. These are the most recent socks for son the older. These are his second pair of Skull Socks of Fury. The last pair were kind of "plain"...

Black with cream skulls. This time I decided to use a variegated yarn for the skulls. I'm quite pleased with the effect, although the socks are definitely fraternal twins!

After tomorrow, there is only one week of school left before summer vacation. Now I'm a little bit envious that the kids and the teachers get two whole months off while I have to work but I am looking forward very much to no homework and easier packed lunches. Part of summer vacation for the boys means two weeks in Halifax with Nana (my MIL). They take swimming lessons in the mornings and then do "activities" in the afternoons. One of their activities this year will be going to see Pirates: Myth & Reality. I think that these socks would be the perfect thing to wear! Now I've got to get moving on a new pair for his brother... Last time I adapted the chart from this and dropped it into a plain sock pattern.


Ariel said...

Those socks are so cute. I wish one of my boys would wear them.
As for the bags, a mix of two patterns for most of them and the other one was from here:

Jessi said...

Those are great socks! I need to make those for a few people!

I agree that the variegated for the skulls looks great.