Friday, June 29, 2007

Let the (Long) Weekend Begin!

It's Friday morning and I'm here in front of my computer in my PJs with a nice hot cup of coffee. Aaaah...heaven! The kids are spending the next 2 weeks with my MIL, so I thought that I'd take a day to hang out with them around the house, not to mention doing all of the laundry that needs to be done so that I can pack for their trip. How can two kids create so much laundry??? Considering where they are going, I really need to overpack for them... My MIL, although she drives me crazy some of the time, always means well, but she is a worrier, which is why Mr. Me and BIL nicknamed her "Telly"... Actually, the very first present that I ever bought for her was a small stuffed "Telly". Fortunately, she does have enough of a sense of humour to have understood why I had bought it for her and she took to taking the monster with her whenever she travelled on business. For those of you who don't know "Telly", the eternally worrying fuschia monster, you can find out more here. Now why does this matter? Well, from a packing perspective, it means that every single time that the kids go to visit her, I need to pack for all situations. What if there's a blizzard? What if there's a flood? What if we're invited for an audience with the Pope? Yes - they're all unlikely, but we still need to be prepared. No matter what or how much I pack for them, they are pretty well guaranteed to come home with new jackets, bathing suits, pajamas and socks...
So the kids are going on a real vacation, which means that Mr. Me and I get two weeks of being just a couple - a very different sort of vacation. On the Virtual Vacation front, I've heard from my spoiler and contacted my spoilee. I'm going to really enjoy this! I love having the opportunity to showcase the Atlantic region.
I finally managed to get my 2nd and final package for the SPFE into the mail. I haven't checked the delivery date that Canada Post has quoted me, but it should be at its destination by the end of next week. I hope that she likes everything. I still need to get knitting on my Sockapalooza 4 socks, although I do have the yarn and have chosen a pattern... And I signed up for Sock It To Me. That keeps me going with my once a month swap packages.
Time to go hang out some more laundry - my little part of being green!

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km said...

Wow! 2 weeks with no kids. I hope you're living it up! I keep telling M that if we plan to go away for our 10th, then the kiddos will be almost 9, 7, & 5. That's more doable for the kind soul that will watch them for us. That's in 2 1/2 years...and I'm counting. And if your MIL shops well for your boys, then maybe you won't need to do back-to-school shopping. Could work out well for you.