Monday, June 4, 2007

Spring Felted Bag Exchange - Package #1

On the Sending End: I finally managed to get my package off to me spoilee on Friday. Yes, as usual, I am a little bit late, but I did let her know beforehand and I am tracking the package via the marvels of the Canada Post website. Since it is supposed to be an anonymous swap, I'm not sure that she realizes the distance that the poor box has to travel... I say supposed to be because I had a moment of blondeness when I was setting up my anonymous e-mail account and unintentionally revealed my identity... I have promised to make it up to her with extra special treats. I hope that she's not disappointed!
On the Receiving End: Now the technical issues with the anonymous e-mails is something that my spoiler and I have in common, although she didn't mess up nearly as badly as I did! I knew that it was one of two people, but didn't know for sure which one - until last week that is. You see, one of the other things that we have in common is that we are the only two New Brunswickers involved in the swap, so she knew that her cover would be blown as soon as I saw the postal code. Since she's a very smart lady, she knew that and she got creative! Since we also have none other than Canknitian in common, she was able to find out where I worked and had my package hand delivered. Yes - my spoiler is none other than the Crafty Canadian herself! And I think that I was more surprised than she thought that I would be. And here is what was in the package:

Isn't the bag sweet? I'm almost positive that Crafty Canadian made it herself, and it is so simply adorable! You can't see it in the photos, but it ties closed with rick rack - very pretty. And inside were "The Guide to Laughing - Family " book, some bubble bath, a spa facial mask, freezable swizzle sticks (which match my summer outside on the patio glasses), a votive candle holder, a very pretty dishcloth which will never see sink action (it is doing doily duty under a lamp), and two things not shown - some very yummy chocolate that didn't even make it back out the office door and 2 adorable little felt pigs which are now living in my office, on the bulletin board.

Oh - and not to be forgotten, a very nice handwritten note (I tend to type my things because my writing is tiny and of very poor quality, so I really appreciate it when I get something handwritten).
The first package was a lovely surprise, but now I can hardly wait for part 2 - the felted bag. I'm excited about the bag part, but since Crafty Canadian is in the same city as I am, I'm going to get to me her! Yippee!!!


Lesley said...

That looks great! I never hear about these types of exchanges until they are over, but they seem so fun! I did do a due date club swap and I loved, so I would love to do some that are full of knitterly goodness.
And I love being Superman's mom ;)

Jessi said...

Sounds like you're having a great swap experience...wish we all could. I haven't heard from my upstream pal since the beginning of May. Grr.

vegasangelbrat said...

So thats who got that cute bag.. lol I think its great and realy cute!
Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I get lost in all the blogs I go I see we're in KVVS too :)
Have fun!!!