Monday, March 5, 2007

The Mistake of the Day

I trusted the cat today... He normally spends his days bouncing off the kitchen walls, but today, I decided to trust him. I mean, look at him - he's so sweet (when he's sleeping!). I decided to start a mohair shawl yesterday... I've had the yarn for ages. I bought it on sale 2.5 years ago. It is a lovely red - just about perfect for spring. I am CONVINCED that it will be here soon.
I gave Tiger the run of the house today. He promised to be good - honest! I came home after running a few errands, since I'm alone for a few days. I start to go up the front stairs when I realized that there is a fine fuzzy red strand of something coming down the stairs.... I found the started shawl (completely off the needles) in the living room. He had it completely tangled around some furniture. I had to cut it off. With the mohair fuzz, it took more than two tries to get things straight yesterday, so I am not impressed.
Grumble...grumble...dratted puddy tat!!!

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Alison said...

Dang, he's cute! The cats don't tend to bother my knitting anymore. I think they're getting old. It's the preschooler that likes to pretend he's a kitten that's the real problem!