Sunday, March 18, 2007

How I Spent My Weekend

Aside from the yarn revolt of yesterday, it has been a very quiet weekend here, in large part due to the sloppy weather. I was out for a bit yesterday, but even with AWD and studded tires, it wasn't fun driving on our slushy country lane.

Things I did this weekend:
1. Finished 2 pairs of socks. I'll post pictures later. One pair is the Crazy Eights that I started earlier this month, and the other pair is the Walking Away socks. The eights are for me since they're just leftovers, but the other pair are going to be a "just because" present for someone.
2. Slept late - both mornings! This is a big deal for me since I usually have to get up before 6am. Yesterday it was almost 10am (decadent!), and this morning it was 8:30am.
3. Made pancakes for breakfast. It was the tradeoff for the late morning yesterday.
4. Made Banana Bread. Gotta keep the monkeys well fed!
5. Changed all of the beds.
6. Did the laundry. Why is it that the laundry is never done?
7. Did the dishes. Same question...
8. Watched movies.
9. Watched television.
10. Shovelled snow.
11. Ran errands.
12. Knit.
13. Helped son the older with his homework.
14. Took the kids out for supper on Friday to celebrate report cards. Overall, they have both done well, although they both have areas that they can improve upon.
15. Talked to both my MIL and my mother. This doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it requires a significant investment of time.
16. Cleaned out the fridge. The time had come...
17. Blogged, but then you all knew that.

Things that I still have to do:
1. Clean out the kids backpacks for the start of a new school week.
2. Ironing and more laundry.
3. Grocery shopping.
4. My taxes... I shouldn't dread this since I know that I'm getting money back, but I always do.
5. Do the end of weekend tidyup. I'm not a neat freak, but I like to have things reasonably organized at the start of the week since they tend to detereorate during the week.
6. Change the cat's litter box. Eeeew....
7. Get the recycling together since this week is recycling week.
8. A million other things that I just do without even thinking about them since they are just part of the life of a working Mom. (This may explain "Mom Brain".)

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Alison said...

I did taxes this weekend. I like doing them, I even did DH's as well!

Litter box, though, not my job. We're in the process of changing over to a flushable clumping pine litter that I have heard only good things about (ie it doesn't smell as bad, you use less, and it doesn't track around the house like the clay stuff). We'll see.