Sunday, March 4, 2007

March Break Begins...!!!

Unfortunately, I don't get March Break - but the kids do and Dad has taken the guys to visit their Nana. I get three days of peace and quiet - oh, heaven! I'm on VACATION! Son the elder left the house this morning wearing his February socks. Spoilt child that he is (not really), he has an expectation of handknit socks... He really likes these ones because they look rather like the forbidden camoflauge that he would love to wear but Dad won't allow. Sneaky... He would have preferred the cuffs to be a little bit snugger, but he didn't tell me that until after I had grafted the toes. Live and learn! At 11, I am using an adult pattern for his socks. Egads! And in a pinch, I can toss on his jacket if it is the handiest at the back door. Where did my baby go?

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