Sunday, July 22, 2007


“Sweet” as in “The Sweet Sheep” “Flavour of the Month Club”! Mr. Me bought me a 4 month membership in the FOTM club for my birthday. Earlier this week, the first package arrived. Now it had Mr. Me’s name on it since he was the purchaser, but I was quite certain that it was for ME! And just look!

The colourway is called “Morning Glory” and I just love it! And the pattern is designed by Sivia Harding (whose work I really like). I can’t wait to turn the yarn into a ball and start knitting with it.
I said it before, but I’ll say it again, this year Mr. Me did a GREAT job with my birthday!!!
And few other "sweet" things on this lovely Sunday morning -
I woke up to the sound of loons on the river.
I watched an osprey flying and gliding this morning as I had my coffee on my front verandah.
I'm having fresh from the garden zuchinni for dinner tonight.
I'm going to pick some more blueberries and have wild blueberries for dessert.
The sun is shining!

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jkleclerc said...

Sweet yarn!
Once a month is not enough to meet for knitting, how do you all cope?
After rechecking my schedule I see I will be in town from Aug.1 to Aug.6 which is no were near a third wednesday of any month, but if some of your folk would like to hit a local coffee shop and knit I would be happy to attend.