Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Incredible Shrinking Feet?

No - not really! Besides, much as I'd like to have to buy a whole new shoe wardrobe, I just don't have either the time or the money.
What I do have is a great Sockapalooza 4 spoiler, who is also observant, and questioned how my feet had gone from 9.75 by 9.75 inches to 9 by 9 inches with my Sock It To Me questionnaire! So I shut my office door, since you don't really want to have to explain to your co-workers why you're measuring your feet, and reconfirmed by measurements. Yup - they're still 9.75 by 9.75 inches. Although shrinking feet might have been a good excuse for my usual clumsiness and falling off my shoes... Do you think that it might qualify as a "disability"?

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