Monday, July 2, 2007

No (New) Stash Yarn for Me

So the children are safely settled in Halifax with my MIL. They went to my BIL's yesterday evening in Bedford to watch the fireworks. He has one of those homes that has a great view, but no yard. I can't imagine what they'll ever do if they have kids. There is nowhere for children to play outdoors, and as I have discovered, little boys in particular need a good airing out frequently!
I was lucky enough to get to visit both LK Yarns and The Loop Craft Cafe on Saturday. I made purchases at both of them, but no new stash yarn! Poor me.
I purchased the last 6 skeins of Noro Kureyon that I need to finish the squares for my Lizard Ridge afghan ( Fall 2006 - I can't access it right now) and 2 balls of some sort of Cascade eyelash yarn that I plan on using in some felted Noni Poppies at LK Yarns. And I picked up the Fall issue of Knitscene at The Loop.
Now if Mr. Me hadn't been with me, I probably would have bought more... But he was, so I didn't. They had all sorts of fabulous Fleece Artist yarn at LK Yarns and they had the Opal Tiger (which I have coveted for quite some time!) at The Loop. I bought neither... However, we will still have to go and pick the boys up in 2 weeks, so there is hope!
I had hoped to sneak into Tangled Skeins on the way into town, but son the younger was car sick... We stopped in Sackville to load him up with Gravol, but it would have been cruel to make him stay in the car any longer than was absolutely necessary. Maybe next time...


Lesley said...

If your brother has a good view...then he must be somewhat close to that kick-ass boat playground on the waterfront right? That's a great place to air out a boy.
Excellent stash enhancement btw!

Lesley said...

The boat playground in bedford is on that common area where they do Bedford Days celebrations, I think it's near the firehall? It's right on the waterfront and it's HUGE! It totally kicks the other playgrounds butts.
That link is for a real estate agent, I'm sending it because it has pics and directions.

km said...

Thank You! It's here. Long story short...yesterday when the mail man tried to deliver...I was at the post office. He left a note and I had to go back this morning to pick up. Yesterday when I got the note I was so disappointed because I was anxious to see my bag (which I love)...but I couldn't go until after 9am today. I just got home from running errands and fed the little ones lunch...and we opened the package together. Thank you so much. A proper thank you will be on my blog...soonish. km