Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It's been really hot the last couple of days. Almost - but not quite - hot enough to make me miss winter. Yesterday I decided to go for a bit of a walk around the downtown shops at lunchtime. Now that just has to included my favourite independant bookstore. I browsed through in my usual fashion; new fiction, gift books, local interest, cookbooks, all of the various craft books and finally onto children's books.

I first suspected that there might be trouble when I was looking at the craft books. I'm used to yarn talking to me, but the books usually only ever whisper. They may do it persistantly until I finally buy them, but they're subtle. Nothing loud about a book. Well, nothing loud about most books. This one is different... It said "Hi - how are you?" as I flipped through it. Followed by a "Hrumph!" when I put it back on the shelf.

By the time I walked back by it, it had upped the ante to "You know that you love us. You know that you'll be sorry if you don't buy us and take us home... Don't make another mistake." Yeah - I bought the book. It's cute! It's pink! Look at those sweet little amigurumi faces! The fact that I can't really crochet could be an issue, but I guess I'll just have to deal with it... Maybe this is a good use for some of my small bits of stash? Humour me... Please...

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km said...

Too funny. Your knitting is fantastic, so you've got talent. Crochet shouldn't be too hard...and these can make great stocking gifts for Christmas. I'll be excited to see how it goes.