Monday, July 30, 2007

Good Things, Gross Things

Good things - I won a contest!!! Even though I am rather competitive and love to enter contests, I very rarely win. Good thing that entering is satisfying enough for me! So I was really surprised, and delighted, to see that I had won second place in Megan's blog contest. It was kind of fun to have to think back on some of my past projects. While they weren't disasters at the time, they would definitely qualify as "retro" these days!
Gross things - Leeches!!! Yuck!!! Yuck!!! Yuck!!! Since our Canadian summers tend to be short, I try to encourage my kids to play outdoors, especially if they have friends over. I don't like the idea of them being indoors when the sun is shining, even though it has been shining a bit too strongly these past few days. So yesterday afternoon, older son invited a couple of friends over. The kids like to splash along the edge of the river. I can see them from the house and they know not to really go into the river. Well I should really say that they "liked" to play at the edge of the river. The leeches sort of put them off... And me too! Those things are disgusting! Fortunately, older son was the only one that required first aid.


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Yay! You won a contest! I'm glad for you.
But...YUK on the leeches. ;;;shiver;;;

Megan said...

That scene from Stand By Me still grosses me out.

Mandy :-) said...

Since Suzi (my 11 yr old) seems to attract leeches, I can totally relate. But don't let that stop them from venturing forth again. Next time, just send the salt shaker down with them... "Gross" is the large family of barn spiders that have taken up residence under the eaves of my house. If you're a really good shot with a pressure washer, the fat ones seem to vapourize upon impact... Just don't tell my husband (unauthorized use of a "man" tool).