Friday, July 20, 2007

I Think That I'm Blushing...

...and it's all courtesy of Ariel! Ariel nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger and I've got to admit that I'm honoured.
So I did a little checking as to what the priveleges of being tagged as a Rockin' Girl Blogger are, and I get to nominate 5, yes 5, other bloggers for the same honour, so here goes, I nominate:

Lesley because even when pregnant she was up to beating up trust fund hippies who tried to steal the couch from the knitters...

Crafty Canadian because she is very cool, not to mention smart and multitalented.

CanKNITian because she let us "out" her as a Blogger and I am so impressed with so much that she does. (I can remember when she didn't have a clue how to sew together a sweater she knit for her niece!)

Alison because she is a well rounded person who is talented on many levels including frugality, which I envy, and besides - who wouldn't like a librarian?

Lisa, who I'm just starting to read but seems like a very interesting lady!

Now, none of these nominations should come as a surprise because with the exception of Lisa, you'll find all of yourselves in my list of favourite blogs! She will be added! Tag or don't tag others as you like, but I enjoy reading all of your blogs very much.

I am going to add that I feel a little strange tagging 3 people who I have never ever met in person, but here goes anyways. Please take the compliment in the spirit which it was intended.

1 comment:

Kitten said...

who wouldn't like a librarian?

Well, I certainly like librarians, seeing as my boyfriend is one and I have an MLIS myself...