Thursday, July 12, 2007

Birthday Recap

My birthday was a little bit more than a week ago, but it sort of got stretched out this year.

The week before my birthday, I received an early birthday present from a girlfriend at work. I got a pair of silicone oven gripper handles and a set of dancing magnet men. I love silicone kitchen things and the kids are having a great time with the magnets.

Then, the weekend before my birthday, the kids started their two weeks in Nova Scotia. My MIL had a small family celebration for me on the Saturday evening including cake and presents. The boys gave me a *new* Sony Walkman. It’s pink and looks kind of like a tube of lipstick. I still have my old Walkman – a yellow Sport Walkman that plays tapes! It’s about 50 times the size of the new one. I love it – even though I was initially somewhat challenged to load music onto it. You know that you’re old when you can’t figure out something that a 6 year can… And there was some $$$, a crystal water jug and a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin (yum!) from my MIL.

On my birthday, I was taken out for lunch by a girlfriend (see above – she’s great) and for supper by Mr. Me. And Mr. Me arranged for a birthday cake for me and a really, really, really, REALLY NICE birthday present. Mr. Me got me a four month membership to the Sweet Sheep’s Flavour of the Month Club!!! I had told him that I would like to have it, but considering how my stash perplexes him, I was really surprised. This year he did very well – redeeming himself for some of my past birthday gifts…!

And since I got sucked into the vortex that is Facebook just before my birthday, I was the recipient of many more birthday greetings than I would normally get. That, in conjunction with e-cards and real cards, cakes, presents and good company made this birthday extra special.


scappyhappy said...

I am so glad you had such a nice BD! Sounds like you well deserve the attention...the best of which was from your hubby! Take care and enjoy the gifts you were bestowed with! We moms need that extra love! Iva

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Happy belated birthday. Mr. Me did indeed do good. Loved your comment on the stash enhancement...delivered at work!

km said...

I totally ment to sent you 'on-time' birthday greetings. Since you're an honorary American and all. But, I guess late is better than never. We celebrated here with fireworks for you. Happy Birthday...a little bit late.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday (late) to another July Baby! We share the same day, but alas, I am older (1962).

You will LOVE the SPNY once you get started. I have the 2GB Purple one, Wifey has the 1GB Black one, and the Munchkin has the 2GB Green one. We're addicted!

Great taste with the Gin!

Sounds like a wonderful time!