Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tidying Up 2007

Edit: Links have been added. In doing so, I note that Union Center Knits is closing temporarily due the expected arrival of a new baby! Yay - babies! On the downside, it means that you can't cruise her Esty shop for fab yarn. This makes the fact that I have some of it even sweeter (for me)!

Before I embark on 2008 blogging, I need to tidy up a 2007 detail. That detail arrived via US Priority Mail on December 27th. What was it? It was my fabulous Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap package from Cheryl!

To start with, everything was wrapped in red tissue... Isn't it pretty? I'm usually pretty careful and patient with these things, but since everything was taped, I opted for the approach that is most popular with my sons - RIP!!!

First up - the group shot...

Then the fibre - a skein of sock yarn and a mini skein both from Union Center Knits. The mini skein comes with a pattern for a knitted cuff. The full skein is a colour way called Jungle Love - and yes, I do LOVE IT!!!

Even more fun than just the fabulous yarn - both skeins came with co-ordinated stitch markers. The pair shown on my needle tip came with the full skein. I did neglect to take a photo of the one with the smaller skein, but it is lovely with a pearl bead. (I love pearls.)

And since Cheryl is clearly a spoiler who does her job in an extraordinarily dedicated manner, she read enough of my blog to know that my favourite board game is Scrabble. The cat thing isn't so hard to find, but once again, aren't these stitch markers just too cute?!

And there were yummies... Sours... Candied walnuts... But this deserves special mention, since Cheryl is from Texas, a bag of Texas Praline Pecans. I will hide these... I will only share if I need something from Mr. Me or one of the kids. Otherwise, they are all mine! And since it is a coffee swap, some gorgeous smelling Sumatrian coffee.

And a very sweet card. But that isn't all - there are a pair of scissors (folding - those things are so clever), a beautiful blue project bags that is just the right size for socks, a fabulous supersized mug that will be heading to the office and a sugar cookie scented candle.
Cheryl will be nominated as a super spoiler! And for those of you that are also playing along with SITMT, I know that Cheryl isn't my spoiler, since mine is from Norway, but she is someone's... Thanks again, Cheryl, I love my package!
I will now move on to 2008, if blogger says it's okay. Right now blogger says I can't add links... I'll come back later and try to add them again.


Lisa said...

Super Fab Haul! Looks like Texas has a great rep for Spoilers! Thanks for sharing!

sharon said...

Super spoils - you deserve it!!

p3knitter said...

What a great package! You totally deserve to be spoiled.

wildflower38 said...

I'm glad you liked it.

CynicalKnitter said...

Holy Cow! What a great spoiler you have. Enjoy!!!

Anne said...

Ooh lovely package! I hope that you got a bit nicer weekend than all the snow you'd been having! Happy new Year to you too!