Saturday, December 29, 2007

Package From Norway

This little penguin came all the way from Norway! And he didn't come alone... He brought some sock yarn (the boys are eyeing it since it is blue...), polar bear socks, a polar bear key chain (made of bone - very nice), Christmas greetings, Santa tissues and...
...his Marzipan pig friend! See - isn't the pig cute? I really like Marzipan... Although I know that I'll have a tough time eating this little cutie.
A special thanks go out to my still unknown Sock It To Me Twice spoiler for the very nice surprise! I love the polar bears and the penguins. Polar bears are most definitely
something that Canada and Norway have in common.

I still need to post the pictures from my Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap package, but the package is upstairs and I don't want to risk waking Mr. Me. I prefer to blog in peace...!


Lisa said...

I love the pig! That has to be the cutest thing ever seen in a swap package!

Robin said...

How cute!! It's so much fun getting items from other countries. Love that pig!!

CynicalKnitter said...

I LOVE it!! What totally fun things.