Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Pics, Ma'am... Just the Pics

So you've seen the brown box before... And I'm still having issues with the uploading of photos with Blogger... To be precise, I can upload, but I can't move them around. And since Blogger inserts each new picture at the start of the post I've had to load the photos in reverse order. Is this why my brain hurts? Since I received not one, but two packages in the mail today, I was determined to post the photos from my SP11 package first. More swappy goodness later... Here we go - first glimpse of the box contents -

The group shot.
The Cadbury Magical Elves. They weren't really moving all that fast. It must have been me shaking in anticipation of getting to eat them! Chocolate with "popping" candy. Very yummy and FUN!
My beautiful new tote bag.
The very cute card.
Non-dietary fibre. A hand blended batt from Spritely Goods and 2 balls of Crystal Palace Kid Merino that may end up as this. Aren't the colours gorgeous?!
Pampering bath products.
Patons Cables booklet. There isn't a single pattern in this booklet that I don't like!
A porcelain spoon from the Franz collection. Isn't it pretty?
I'll thank Jinxsa again now that you've seen "the goods" and I understand that a few of you have been over to visit her and have had a few laughs... Sorry - I should have included a "spray warning" about reading her!
More photos later. Next up - Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap package and a big "thank you" for Cheryl in Texas and my SITMT spoiler who sent me a package all the way from Norway! I'm feeling pretty special today. I'll post pics of both packages soon - hopefully tomorrow.
And I still want to tell you about the knitting goodies that I got for Christmas!


Robin said...

Nice package!! I'm still waiting for my WWCS package...patiently! Watching everyone else getting theirs is making me like a kid waiting on Christmas morning!

sharon said...

wonderful package. waiting for my WWCS and my Harvest Sock Swap Package is slowly killing me. Both my upstreams? had issues and have told me they sent them, but coming from out of country means its going to take a little bit. Really, the border is just a 20 minute drive away...

km said...

Fun swap packages. Are you signed up for the Cocoa Swap? I cant wait to get my pal. M's been home since the Friday before Christmas, and I can't believe how having family all around cuts into my blogging time. I did finish my one "orange kitty sock"...and sadly no one wants to wear it. I'll post soon.