Friday, December 28, 2007

How I Spent My Lunch Hour Today - A Meme

Do you have any pets?
1 cat. Tiger. The kids have 2 gerbils. Whiskers and Scooter.

What color shirt are you wearing?
Blue and white striped buttoned shirt with white collar and cuffs.

Name three things that are physically close to you.
I’m doing this at my desk at lunch so my tape dispenser, a glass of water and my phone.

What is the last book you read?
I have a number of books in progress. The last one that I finished was Startled by His Furry Shorts.

Are you or were you a good student?
I was. I always sat at the front.

What's your favorite sport?I am not athletic. Not at all. I like to go bike riding with the kids and we have a sailboat, but that’s probably about it. And of course I enjoy a nice walk if it is just a little warmer than today (above freezing, please…).

Do you enjoy sleeping late?
I wouldn’t want to sleep late all the time, but occasionally it would be nice to sleep as late as I liked. Considering that the alarm goes off at 5:15am, it doesn’t take much for me to have slept “late”.

What's the weather like right now?
Cold. It was snowing earlier, but the sun is shining now.

Who tells the best jokes?
Hmmm…. That like asking me who my favourite comedian is, right? And I don’t have one. Humourists? Sure – Stuart McLean and Jonathan Goldstein. Yeah, I like the CBC, so shoot me…!

What was the last thing you dreamed about?I
have no idea. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve remembered a dream.

Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?
Yes I do drive, and no I’ve never really crashed. I’ve grazed a cement bollard and the odd snow bank, but not for years!

Do you believe in karma?
I’m not sure, so I try to err on the side of caution. It never hurts to do something good.

Do you believe in luck?
Luck right up there with karma...

Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?
Over hard. I’m not eating something that appears to be looking at me and I really don’t like “creamy” scrambled eggs which is how everyone else seems to like them. Blech!

Do you collect anything? If so, what?
I have a collection of Madeline ragdolls (they're no longer in production so no link) and a small teacup collection that came from my Grandmother.

Are you proud of yourself?
Not always.

Are you reliable?
I try very hard to be reliable and succeed most of the time.

Have you ever given money to a bum?
Occasionally, but not too often.

What's your favorite food? Tough question! I love Mediterranean foods, does that count?

Have you ever had a secret admirer?
Yes. In many ways I wish that it had been kept a secret. He had been a good friend. The declaration of his feelings for me ended that since it wasn’t truly reciprocated.

Do you like the smell of gasoline?

Do you like to draw?
Yes, although I don’t do it often anymore.

What's your favorite invention?
I have no idea! I’m quite certain that I take many of them for granted.

Is your room messy?
Define messy… Okay – yes, it is messy. (This refers to my sewing room since it is the only room that is truly MINE!)

What do you like better: oranges or apples?
Generally – apples.

Do you give in easily?
At home, yes. At work, no.

Are you a good guesser?
I don’t really know. It depends on what I’m guessing about. I have good instincts about some things, but unfortunately not everything.

Can you read other people's expressions?
Not consistently.

Are you a bully?
I don’t think so, although I do remember bullying another child when I was about 8. It was to get back at her brother who had bullied me.

Do you have a job?
A single job??? I have many jobs. One of them actually pays me, too.

What time did you wake up this morning?
5:15 am.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

When was the last time you showered?5:45 am.

What do you plan on doing tomorrow?
I’m getting my haircut by a new stylist at 9am. Beyond that, hopefully it is a quiet day at home just puttering around.

What's your favorite day of the week and why?
I don’t have a favourite day although I don’t really like Thursdays. I always expect bad things to happen on a Thursday.

Do you have any nicknames?
None that I care to share. Sorry.

Have you ever been scuba diving?
Are you crazy? Of course not!

What's your least favorite color?

Is there someone you have been constantly thinking about? If yes, who?
Constantly thinking about? I don’t think that I have those powers of concentration!

Would you ever go skydiving?

What toothpaste do you use?
Good old basic Crest.

Do you enjoy challenges?
Usually, yes.

What's the worst injury you have had?
I broke a bone in my foot about a year and a half ago. Very painful… And I’ve managed some very impressive bruising with some of my other klutzy adventures.

What's the last movie you saw?
American History X. It was on TV recently.

What do you want to know about the future?
Probably nothing.

What does your last text message say?
I’ve never sent nor received a text message. Yes – I am a dinosaur!

Who was the last person you spoke over the phone to?
Mr. Me.

What's your favorite school subject?
Mathematics and Chemistry.

What's your least favorite school subject?

Would you rather have money or love?

What is your dream vacation?
Today it would involve a beach and warm weather.

What is your favorite animal?

Do you miss anyone right now?

What's the last sporting event you watched?
I have absolutely no idea!

Do you need to do laundry?

Do you listen to the radio?
Yes. Usually the CBC.

Where were you when 9/11 happened?
I was at work. Mr. Me called me and told me about it. I didn’t really understand what he was telling me initially since there is also a World Trade Centre in Halifax. It took me a moment to clue into it being in New York. I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t heard anything since I was only 2 blocks away…

What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
I try to avoid vending machines .

Have you ever caught a butterfly?
I don't know.

What color are your bed sheets?
Cream, pink and sage green plaid.

What's your ringtone?
Whatever the phone came with...

Who was the last person to make you laugh?
Probably my boys yesterday evening. Little boys are very funny without even trying.

Do you have any obsessions right now?

Do you like things that glow in the dark?
That depends… Sometimes yes. Sometimes no… I’m not a big fan of things that surprise me by glowing at me.

What's your favorite fruity scent?
Citrus scents. They smell so clean.

Do you watch cartoons?
I have 2 kids. What do you think? Of course I watch cartoons! I love Arthur, but I usually only get to watch that if it is just myself and Younger Son.

Have you ever sat on a roof?

Have you ever been to a different country?
Yes. The United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Name three things in the world you dislike.
Selfishness, fanatics and raw mushrooms.

Name three people in the world you dislike.
No. I don’t feel like being that rude today.

Has a rumor even been spread about you?
Yes – by one of the people I’m not naming above.

Do you like sushi?
I’d rather eat other things.

Do you believe in magic?
Yes. There has to be a little magic!

Do you hold grudges?
Not really.

And that was my lunch hour... I'm not tagging anyone since I was just being lazy with my time today.


Lisa said...

Amazing stuff. I should be able to figure out what to get you for the Birthday Swap if you keep these up....

Dorothy said...

When did sleeping past 6 a.m get defined as sleeping in? It's just not right!